And another one gone…

First Hagman, then Mittens: Now my dear little Winchester has signed with the St. Louis Blues.

I am extremely saddened by this, you have no idea.  NO IDEA!  What makes me even sadder is the fact that no one even reported it, Winchester just showed up on the St. Louis Blues roster.  :(  I WILL MISS YOU F5!!!!



3 Responses to “And another one gone…”

  1. unstable(StarsFan)blogger Says:


    I have been watching, praying and hoping that Winchester would get re-signed by the Stars.

    *sobbing* OMG I really like him and think he fit into our system quite well. He’s gonna be a helluva player. He’s already good but with a little more development, he’s gonna be GREAT. I dont get it? He’s not a big $ player yet… the time to sign him is NOW.

    WTF, Hullie? Has Les Jackson been drunk lately or what?

    I feel a Dear Hull/Jackson post coming on… I am not happy. I support them and give them the benefit of the doubt on Avery and they go and let Winchester get away. What the hell?!

  2. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    So sorry about Winchester, Jen! I didn’t even hear about it. You’re the one that broke the story. Poor guy! They complain about how little all our guys are, then let the big one get away.

  3. Winchester joins the ex-Stars ranks. « Penalty Killing Says:

    […] does not surprise me one bit. Know why? Because Jen, over at The Shootout, broke the story a week ago! How is it that the MSM is just now finding […]

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