Development Camp: Skills Competition

So today was the end of the Dallas Stars development camp.  It ended with a fun skills competition between the black team and the white team.  I really should’ve written down who was on what team, but all I remember is that Austin Smith and Richard Bachman were on the white team and Tyler Beskorowany (TB) was on the black team.

They started with a race around the rink…which the Black team won.  Austin Smith was an extremely good skater, did well with the turns.  And David McIntyre?  That dude is FAST! (He was on the black team, I only remember because I called him giant midget since he had number 65 on)

Then came the relay competition!  Reid Jackson (the 15 year old) was pretty good for being so young!  Philip Larsen had some great ability to change direction quickly and get his butt going.  Austin Smith did really well again, and I couldn’t help but laugh when David McIntyre fell down.  This was one of two events the White team actually won.

Then they had 3 players against the goalies: Richard Bachman and TB.  TB managed to get a shutout, he has a really great glove, and is quick to move to the puck.  Bachman didn’t do too bad, but he comes out his crease way too much and way too far.  If they could break him of that habit, he’ll be fantastic.  Black team won that one, too.

Rapid fire was next, which the Black team won 8-7.  Again, Bachman came way too far out of his crease to face a guy one on one who wasn’t rushing the net.  Then they did the wrap around contest, and even though Bachman stayed in his net, the Black team won this one as well.

The final one was the shootout, which is obviously my favorite.  Luke Gazdic had a GREAT shot.  Austin Smith got some great speed attacking the net and Jamie Benn?  Wow, he did an awesome Jussi type move, dragging his stick with the puck behind him to get it past TB.  White team won that one!

Overall, the Black team won 4-2, but it was so much fun!  I can’t wait for hockey season.

Speaking of Jamie Benn though, the Stars have signed him to a 3-year entry level contract.



2 Responses to “Development Camp: Skills Competition”

  1. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    What? There’s a 15-year-old?

  2. Jen Says:

    Ya lol Les Jackson’s son joined in the development camp fun!

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