Pre-Season schedule!!

The pre-season schedule as well as some games during the regular season have been announced!

Preseason is as follows (bold depicts a home game)
Sept 23 – St Louis Blues – 7:30pm
Sept 25 – Colorado Avalanche – 7:30pm
Sept 27 – St Louis Blues – 7pm
Sept 28 – Chicago Blackhawks – 6pm
Oct 1 – Colroado Avalanche – 8pm
Oct 2 – Chicago Blackhawks – 7:30pm
Oct 5 – Edmonton Oilers – 7pm

The Stars will have a home-and-home matchup with 3 eastern conference teams (in parenthesis are the home dates): New Jersey Devils (New Years Eve), New York Rangers (Feb 6, this will be fun) and Florida Panthers (March 28)

The Regular season will open on October 10 against the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

Training camp will open September 19th.  OF COURSE THE DAY I GO OUT OF TOWN!



One Response to “Pre-Season schedule!!”

  1. Lori Says:

    I have already marked my calendar for the few released games. I am so ready!!

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