Christmas in July!!!!

First I find out my favorite band EVAR is coming to town in September, then pre-season schedule, then the full schedule!!!

Yes, hockey season (well, pre-season) commenses in 68 days!!!

The Full Schedule has been released.  Some of the more notable games are:

  • October 25 – vs. Washington – OMG OVECHKIN!!!
  • January 15 – vs. Buffalo – That is always fun
  • January 19 – @ Tampa Bay – Get to face Jussi, Halpie and Smitty.  Not looking forward to Vrbata again though
  • February 14 – @ Chicago – YAY MY BIRTHDAY.  Let’s actually WIN on my birthday this season?
  • March 1 – vs. Pittsburgh – That Cindy Crosby kid is coming to town. 


2 Responses to “Christmas in July!!!!”

  1. unstableblogger Says:

    I am psyched to see Ovechkin but dangit…I really hoping to see Toronto (CuJo!) and Tampa (Smitty!) come to the AAC this season but …all good. I’m just ready for hockey to start again.

    WOO HOO!

  2. Lacy Says:

    I’m so psyched they’re playing on my birthday! :D I will leave a wedding early with no problems lol.

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