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Stuuuuuu is officially retired

August 28, 2008

Luckily, it won’t be the last we see of good ole Stu, he has signed a 2 year contract to join No Lip Tipp’s coaching staff as assistant coach.  Stu played 16 years in the NHL, and will definitely be missed on the ice!

The other good news is the Stars also extended associate coach Rick Wilson and assistant coach Mark Lamb’s contracts to 2010-2011.  Rick Wilson was responsible for our awesome penalty killing skills last season.  You know, the one that made us number 1 until the VERY LAST GAME AGAINST THE SHARKS when they stole it.

Shitlist: 2007-08 Edition

August 27, 2008

Since we are about to start a new season, I figured I would begin the Shitlist a new.  So here are the people that were shitlisted last season


The 2008 Ice Breaker

August 27, 2008

The all-knowing Heika has posted that the Ice Breaker will be taking place Saturday, September 13 at the Galleria between 11am and 1pm. Woohoo. There were some rumors flying around last month that there would be no ice breaker, so this is welcome news. Heika did say they are trying to work out some conflicts, wonder what they could be? Maybe they’re having problems getting Avery out of his pretty pretty princess castle.

Anyway, I’m glad they moved the Ice Breaker to the Galleria 2 years ago. Since I’m bored, and there is nothing else going on about, tis time to ramble on about random Ice Breaker stuffs.

The Ice Breaker has really come a long, long way. 5 years ago, in 2003, it was at the American Airlines Center and only 5 players signed autographs at different times. The only specific player I remember signing is Brenden Morrow, go figure. They had it on the floor of the AAC, and gave locker room tours, had fun booths, etc.. Then of course, there was no Ice Breaker in 2004 due to the lockout I do not like to discuss (was dark times in my life, though not entirely hockey related).

In 2005, hockey returned as did a new & improved Ice Breaker; it was still at the AAC, but this time every player would attend and sign autographs in the foyer of the AAC. Of course, that year the Stars hated me and put Morrow in the same line as Mike Modano, so his line stretched around half of the AAC.

In 2006, the Stars has a fantastic idea, moving the Ice Breaker to the Galleria. Thus began a new tradition. The Ice Breakers at the Galleria have been fantastic. It seems easier to get from table to table and just more spread out, which it obviously is.

Now, your first time going to the Ice Breaker? Here are just some tips for you. Brenden Morrow and/or Mike Modano are usually easy to find; their tables are usually the only ones with line barricades. Why am I telling you this? Because no one really knows where a certain person is going to be until right before the players come out to sign. 2 years ago I lucked out by being in Mike Modano’s line first, and it was amusing to see everyone running through the mall trying to get to his line when word go out where he’d be.

The Ice Breaker is really a fantastic event, and I’d recommend taking advantage of it!

Favorite Things: Open Practices

August 25, 2008

How could we have a list of the favorite things of last season and not include open practices?  Since they are the greatest things in all of the land.  

Open practices began the year after the lockout, to try to get fans back into hockey.  Pretty much anytime they were home and didn’t have a game, they had an open practice at the Frisco StarCenter.  Where fans could go and watch them drill, joke and do serious business practice.  Last season, practices became even downright exciting, seeing certain players who had been out months suited up for practice, meaning they were close to returning.  (Of course I’m talking about the joy I specifically felt seeing Boucher and Zubov practicing at various times during the season.)

Then came the bestest part, after practice and showering and all that jazz, the players would come out to sign autographs and take pictures with pretty much anyone who stayed.  This is just downright awesome.  Granted, there were always a few who decided to sneak out a back way (Russian: this means you). 

They also spread the love a bit around the metroplex, having ‘practice parties’ at other StarCenter’s such as Duncanville and Euless.

I really hope this is a new tradition that the Stars keep for a long while.

It’s good to see Avery hard at work

August 20, 2008

The lovely people at Hugging Harold Reynolds sent me an email with the link to their post, which included the following picture.

Our own little Princess hard at work…well, appearing to be hard at work.  It’s nice to see he keeps such a nice work station, oui?  I also believe that horrendous outfit is the same one he wore for his presentation to the media, that God awful thing.

And don’t even get me started on the socks and shoes with that outfit.

Fantasy Hockey for all

August 15, 2008

So, last season felt kinda sad for me.  I had been a member of a Yahoo! fantasy hockey league for 2 years, and beat a group of boys each year.  Last season, I wasn’t invited back.  Could be that I might’ve rubbed it in a bit that they had been beaten by a girl and they didn’t take that too well.  This year, I will not miss out on the Fantasy World!

So, The Shootout will start it’s own fantasy league.  Yes, Yahoo! has not yet opened registration, but with hockey season being only 39 days away (EEK!), it’s best to start planning ahead.  So any reader or blogger interested, please email me at theshootoutblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Hullie now a Hall of Famer

August 12, 2008

USA Hockey announced today that our own Ambassador of Fun will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this October.  Other inductees include Cammi Granato, Brian Leetch and Mike Richter.

Good job Hulmo, Arby’s for everyone.

Favorite Things: Stéphane Robidas

August 8, 2008

Most of us have known how important Robi is to our team for a while, but this was the year everyone found out.  When Zubov and Boucher were out injured, Robi had to take the role as the lone veteran defenseman.  And boy did he wear that title well.

He put up record numbers this season, including taking part in some pretty damn important goals (IE: assisted on the 4OT game winner to end the Stars/Sharks series.)  Not only is he fantastic on the ice, but he is solid as solid can be.  I mean, really.  We all know guys are usually big babies when it comes to being sick or hurt.  But this warrior broke his nose (again) and managed to return during the same game.  That takes guts and heart, and Robi has more than any person I’ve ever met in my life.

He is also frankly one of the nicest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  He is always so polite, taking as much time as needed to make sure anyone who wants an autograph or picture gets it.  And the fans love him.  I will never forget one of the practices I went to, as soon as Robi came out this child starts screaming “STTTTEEEEPPPHHHHANNNN ROOBBBIIIIDAAASS” at the top of his lungs.  It was adorable. 

Robi was definitely one of our MVP’s this season, and I’m sure will remain one during his time with the Stars.

The Off-Season: Day 64

August 7, 2008

Yes, another off-season post.  Because I can. 

I saw a movie about pants Tuesday night (hee pants).  It was a bit disappointing after the first movie, considering they tried to fit 3 books into 90 minutes.  Did not work too well Sisterhood people. 

I did get some fun though, I finished reading the new Georgia Nicolson book and it was fabbity fab fab.  What is not fabbity fab fab?  Having to wait who knows how long until the next book.  And no hockey yet.

The one, tiny thing that has kept me going during this off-season is a band.  And their promise of a tour, which is coming to town (and OKC and Tulsa, which I’m attending) in September.  Too bad the OKC show is the day training camp starts, but this year the band is getting my priority.  Because, um..2 free concerts?  I can’t resist!

Here is a video about said band.  I demand you watch it and love them.  Because if not, tons of kids in Africa are going to go without shoes.]

Sean Avery press conference

August 7, 2008

So, yesterday they held the press conference presenting our newest player.  (Yes, presenting like a princess).  You can watch it here.  I will warn you, I tried to watch it all and got about 5 minutes in and had to stop.

Up at my office we have 4 TV’s, one on each major station in the city (4, 5, 8 and 11).  And every channel at some point showed the stupid press conference.  Then of course, immediately after I turned off the press conference this afternoon, I look up to see them showing Mr. Princess throwing the first pitch at the Rangers/Yankees game from yesterday.  *waves finger*  But this has appeared, and it makes me happy (with the exception of the Princess in the middle)

Addition: Mr. Hicks, I do hope you realize what has happened here.  Now, I don’t follow Rangers much, I just say yay when I see they win, so I don’t know who this David Murphy person is exactly.  From what I can gather from articles, it’s a bad bad sign that he was injured at the game last night.  Is it a coincidence he was injured when a certain Princess was in attendance?  You tell me.

But really, back to the video and the whole reason for this post.  Okay, seriously Princess, what are you wearing?  He looks like heis wearing some way too tight pajama set.  And a key around his neck?  Is he afraid which key opens his door? 

My favorite part, from the little I watched was him saying “I certainly do cross the line at times?”  Really?  REALLY?  Could’ve fooled me.  They decided to name something the Avery rule just because they like you.


I am still going to stick to my word and give him a chance.  October 10th.  5 points and I like you.  Make me like you Sean Avery, I challenge you.