The Off-Season: Day 61

Only 50 more days until the first preseason game.  And that first game can not come soon enough, while I enjoy the unhealthy air here in Dallas with our orange air pollution day.  It is not fun.

At least the last 4 days were spent constructively; if by constructively you mean making a dick in a box, reading and getting drunk.

Yes, that is what my last week has consisted of.  Last Tuesday was Cat‘s birthday.  So after I went out with an old school friend (where I had 2 drinks and felt quite nice), I headed to her house so I could officially be the first person to see her and tell her happy birthday.  So we went to the bar and had more birthday alcohol.  Because we are that awesome, seriously.

Thursday, thanks to the fact that pretty much all my friends had already read it and talked about it a lot, I became enticed by the Twilight phenomenon and began reading Twilight while bored at the office.  That night, while me and Caitlin were finishing Cat’s birthday shopping, I purchased Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.  I managed to finish Twilight that night and began reading New Moon

Friday, after work I headed to Cat’s, where we ate some of the most delcious Korean food ever (yes, I am obsessed with it).  Then we headed off to the bar, where we met up with some other friends for more drinkings.  Then after we went to Wal-Mart to get Breaking Dawn, because we are that awesome.  Oh the things we do when there is no hockey to be had. 

I literally spent all day Saturday reading, from 3pm until 7am the next morning.  I managed to finish New Moon and read all of Eclipse.  Then started Breaking Dawn and finished it the following Sunday.  The rest of my Sunday was spent catching up on ER and watching Beverly Hills, 90210.

Yes, this is what my life has become.

Return to me soon hockey, return to me soon.



2 Responses to “The Off-Season: Day 61”

  1. jenn Says:

    aren’t the twilight books AWESOME!! i havent finished eclipse yet, but i’m sure i will tonight! then i have breaking dawn on the way. i LOVE them. i CAN’T wait for the movie!!

  2. Myra Says:

    Our lives really are just empty shells without hockey….:)

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