Sean Avery press conference

So, yesterday they held the press conference presenting our newest player.  (Yes, presenting like a princess).  You can watch it here.  I will warn you, I tried to watch it all and got about 5 minutes in and had to stop.

Up at my office we have 4 TV’s, one on each major station in the city (4, 5, 8 and 11).  And every channel at some point showed the stupid press conference.  Then of course, immediately after I turned off the press conference this afternoon, I look up to see them showing Mr. Princess throwing the first pitch at the Rangers/Yankees game from yesterday.  *waves finger*  But this has appeared, and it makes me happy (with the exception of the Princess in the middle)

Addition: Mr. Hicks, I do hope you realize what has happened here.  Now, I don’t follow Rangers much, I just say yay when I see they win, so I don’t know who this David Murphy person is exactly.  From what I can gather from articles, it’s a bad bad sign that he was injured at the game last night.  Is it a coincidence he was injured when a certain Princess was in attendance?  You tell me.

But really, back to the video and the whole reason for this post.  Okay, seriously Princess, what are you wearing?  He looks like heis wearing some way too tight pajama set.  And a key around his neck?  Is he afraid which key opens his door? 

My favorite part, from the little I watched was him saying “I certainly do cross the line at times?”  Really?  REALLY?  Could’ve fooled me.  They decided to name something the Avery rule just because they like you.


I am still going to stick to my word and give him a chance.  October 10th.  5 points and I like you.  Make me like you Sean Avery, I challenge you.



2 Responses to “Sean Avery press conference”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’ve put off watching the presser. I’m glad I read your review now, as I was just about to watch it. I think I’ll put it off longer. Barf!

    Also, re: Morrow. I love a man who is man enough to wear shorts above the knee. He just keeps climbing in my book

  2. Myra Says:

    I love that picture. Turco and Morrow look geniunely happy. I had no idea they were such good actors! No, I hope they can all be one big happy family for the team’s sake. No, really, I’m serious.

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