The Off-Season: Day 64

Yes, another off-season post.  Because I can. 

I saw a movie about pants Tuesday night (hee pants).  It was a bit disappointing after the first movie, considering they tried to fit 3 books into 90 minutes.  Did not work too well Sisterhood people. 

I did get some fun though, I finished reading the new Georgia Nicolson book and it was fabbity fab fab.  What is not fabbity fab fab?  Having to wait who knows how long until the next book.  And no hockey yet.

The one, tiny thing that has kept me going during this off-season is a band.  And their promise of a tour, which is coming to town (and OKC and Tulsa, which I’m attending) in September.  Too bad the OKC show is the day training camp starts, but this year the band is getting my priority.  Because, um..2 free concerts?  I can’t resist!

Here is a video about said band.  I demand you watch it and love them.  Because if not, tons of kids in Africa are going to go without shoes.]



One Response to “The Off-Season: Day 64”

  1. Cat Says:

    The most awesome part of the pants movie? The HSM3 trailer before it. I mean, the movie was good, but the hysterical laughter in the theater full of teenagers at the HSM3 trailer was incredible!

    Also, EEEEEEEEEEE! I don’t think I can make it to the OKC and Tulsa shows, because of the whole Vegas thing and I will have absolutely no money for anything else except hockey, but I will not miss the Dallas show…Obviously.

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