Favorite Things: Stéphane Robidas

Most of us have known how important Robi is to our team for a while, but this was the year everyone found out.  When Zubov and Boucher were out injured, Robi had to take the role as the lone veteran defenseman.  And boy did he wear that title well.

He put up record numbers this season, including taking part in some pretty damn important goals (IE: assisted on the 4OT game winner to end the Stars/Sharks series.)  Not only is he fantastic on the ice, but he is solid as solid can be.  I mean, really.  We all know guys are usually big babies when it comes to being sick or hurt.  But this warrior broke his nose (again) and managed to return during the same game.  That takes guts and heart, and Robi has more than any person I’ve ever met in my life.

He is also frankly one of the nicest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  He is always so polite, taking as much time as needed to make sure anyone who wants an autograph or picture gets it.  And the fans love him.  I will never forget one of the practices I went to, as soon as Robi came out this child starts screaming “STTTTEEEEPPPHHHHANNNN ROOBBBIIIIDAAASS” at the top of his lungs.  It was adorable. 

Robi was definitely one of our MVP’s this season, and I’m sure will remain one during his time with the Stars.


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One Response to “Favorite Things: Stéphane Robidas”

  1. Myra Says:

    Robi is definitely one of our family’s favorite things about the Stars. Hopefully, Kid will now be able to look at him again. His broken nose made her very sad for him so she didn’t like to see it. The Stars website has a new piece up on Robi and it talks about him getting surgery on his nose this summer so he could actually breath through it again. I hope he is all better now! Can’t wait to see him play again!

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