Shitlist: 2007-08 Edition

Since we are about to start a new season, I figured I would begin the Shitlist a new.  So here are the people that were shitlisted last season

I’m sure this post needs no explanation, so let’s begin

WHO: Radim Vrbata


WHO: Mick McGeough
REASON: For being a douche


WHO: Craig Rivet
REASON: For making Brenden Morrow bleed


WHO: Jeff Finger
REASON: I can’t remember, but I’m sure it had something to do with Morrow,though on March 9th he gave me a new reason


WHO: Brad May
REASON: For hitting Russian


WHO: Detroit Red Wings
REASON: I don’t need one


WHO: Jeremy Roenick
REASON: For being a Roenacker

WHO: Travis Moen
REASON: For hitting Robi


WHO: Todd Bertuzzi
REASON: For being a douche


WHO: Chris Pronger
REASON: For being an asshole


WHO: Ryan Millers
REASON: Hitting Brenden Morrow in the crotch


WHO: Ric Renner
REASON: Refering to Trevor Daley (and myself by association) as middle-aged

WHO: Matt Cooke
REASON: For hitting Mittens & Trying to make Halpie injure Turco.

REASON: Their stupid feed went out for FIVE MINUTES during the 2/15 Anaheim game so I missed Robi’s second goal

WHO: Jordan Tootoo
REASON: Suckerpunch. That is all I have to say. YOU NO HURT ROBI!



6 Responses to “Shitlist: 2007-08 Edition”

  1. kms2 Says:

    hahhahha, this is AWESOME!

  2. kelly Says:

    omg… this made me laugh too much! Can’t wait for next seasons list!

  3. unstableblogger Says:

    When shall nominations begin? hahaha

  4. Jen Says:

    haha, oh feel free to send in nominations whenever!

  5. melissa Says:

    nice job….i thought those were priceless

  6. Sharkie Says:

    Prepare to add a few more sharks names to your shitlist.. there’s nothing but more stomping on the horizon for your sad stars.

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