The 2008 Ice Breaker

The all-knowing Heika has posted that the Ice Breaker will be taking place Saturday, September 13 at the Galleria between 11am and 1pm. Woohoo. There were some rumors flying around last month that there would be no ice breaker, so this is welcome news. Heika did say they are trying to work out some conflicts, wonder what they could be? Maybe they’re having problems getting Avery out of his pretty pretty princess castle.

Anyway, I’m glad they moved the Ice Breaker to the Galleria 2 years ago. Since I’m bored, and there is nothing else going on about, tis time to ramble on about random Ice Breaker stuffs.

The Ice Breaker has really come a long, long way. 5 years ago, in 2003, it was at the American Airlines Center and only 5 players signed autographs at different times. The only specific player I remember signing is Brenden Morrow, go figure. They had it on the floor of the AAC, and gave locker room tours, had fun booths, etc.. Then of course, there was no Ice Breaker in 2004 due to the lockout I do not like to discuss (was dark times in my life, though not entirely hockey related).

In 2005, hockey returned as did a new & improved Ice Breaker; it was still at the AAC, but this time every player would attend and sign autographs in the foyer of the AAC. Of course, that year the Stars hated me and put Morrow in the same line as Mike Modano, so his line stretched around half of the AAC.

In 2006, the Stars has a fantastic idea, moving the Ice Breaker to the Galleria. Thus began a new tradition. The Ice Breakers at the Galleria have been fantastic. It seems easier to get from table to table and just more spread out, which it obviously is.

Now, your first time going to the Ice Breaker? Here are just some tips for you. Brenden Morrow and/or Mike Modano are usually easy to find; their tables are usually the only ones with line barricades. Why am I telling you this? Because no one really knows where a certain person is going to be until right before the players come out to sign. 2 years ago I lucked out by being in Mike Modano’s line first, and it was amusing to see everyone running through the mall trying to get to his line when word go out where he’d be.

The Ice Breaker is really a fantastic event, and I’d recommend taking advantage of it!



7 Responses to “The 2008 Ice Breaker”

  1. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Maybe they’re having problems getting Avery out of his pretty pretty princess castle.


  2. unstableblogger Says:

    The girl child and I are SOOOOO going. We are totally excited. She may faint when she sees Turco…her being a goalie too and all :) LOL

  3. unstableblogger Says:

    btw…are the players spread out in the mall or in one general area?

  4. Jen Says:

    The players are usually spread out through the floors of the mall, but are stationed near the ice rink in the middle. You’ll be given a map right before the autographs start with a mini-map of where everyone is, but they all are close to the rink.
    The last 2 years, Turco has been on the 2nd level (well, 3rd if you count the ice rink level)

  5. unstableblogger Says:

    ooh cool…thank you!!! YOU ROCK!!! If you see a tall curly-haired woman carrying a 10yo girl with a goalie stick cuz she just fainted….that’d be me…cuz she just met Turco LOL

    She got to say hi to him when she was a stick kid…and all she could get out was “uhhhh i’m a goalie too” when he told her he liked her hat — she had on her #35 hat. It was pretty funny. He probably thought she was a bit tarded hahahahahhahahahaha

  6. Jen Says:

    Aw that’s too precious! I’m sure he’d love to get to talk with a little girl goalie!!

  7. unstableblogger Says: <— there’s a pic of her and two of her buddies on my blog…I have several pics of her on there but didnt want you to have to weed thru all my crazy ramblings to get to them haha (shameless plug! shamless plug!)

    She LOVES playing hockey and in her words – “was born to be a goalie”

    Him talking to her would make her LIFETIME! : )

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