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If the house is rockin….

September 29, 2008

Oh was it good to hear that song again.  I attended my first game this season Saturday against the Blues.  I wore my Conner jersey, thinking I would get it in now, just in case they send him away after pre-season, only to find Midget was not playing.  Boo.  Brunnstrom wasn’t playing either, I was hoping to get to see him in action.  The good news?  Princess Avery was also no where to be seen.  *small cheer*

Anyway, THE STARS WONNNNNN.  Yes yes, 4-3!!  (Notice the only pre-season game they’ve won is one I attended?  Just sayin Stars, I would not be against preferential treatment if it guarantees a Stars win.)  The Blues were up by 1 after the first, when Crombeen got a sweet shot and made it 1-1 in the second, with Barch and Grossman getting the assists.  The third period had crazy scoring; the Blues made it 2-1.  Then later, in less than 5 minutes the Stars managed 3 goals!  First Otter from Fistric and the rookie Stafford.  Then, James Neal was all alone in the offensive zone, help was on the way, but he just went behind the net then BOOM, in the puck goes!  That is a good kid that Neal, I hope he earns a spot on the team.  Brenden Morrow then got the last goal, the game winner, from Robidas and Grossman.  The Blues came back to make the score 4-3, but the damage had been done.  Stars win, and Morrow was the first star, followed by Neal.

One shocking stat from Saturday’s game was that Brad Richards led with 7 shots on goal.  I am absolutely astounded, because he seemed reluctant to shoot the puck at all.  He’d hold onto it and give everyone time to get between him and the net before shooting it, and usually was stopped by a Blues defenseman.  I do hope he plays better in the regular season.  I love you B-Rad, but I hope we’re not paying you almost $8 million a year to do that…

Stars played tonight (well, I guess technically last night since it’s 3am) in Chicago and lost, 4-3.  Crombeen and Conner both got 2 assists.  Goals were scored by Niskanen, Lundqvist and Eriksson.  I don’t feel like elaborating, since I did not see the game and we lost.  I hate losing, as I’ve mentioned many times.

I also have the first person to add to the shitlist this season, but sadly do not have photoshop yet.  So the Shitlist will return as soon as I am able to photoshop stuffs.

Avery fined already?

September 26, 2008

Hearing through the grapevine (IE: the internet) that Sean Avery has been fined for violating dress code……

It was heard from Hulmo on TSN and heard again on SportsCentre.  Is this just a funny joke, or is this just the start to a long season?

Can’t really blame them on this one though..

So the Stars are now 0-2 in the pre-season

September 25, 2008

Thank goodness it’s only pre-season!!  (BTW I has laptop so I finally has internets at home yay!)

Anyway, the final score was 4-2 Avs.  With Marty Turco in goal.  I will just look at these games as a warm up for the regular season, even though I really really really REALLY hate to lose.

Tipp had a Morrow-Ribeiro-Brunnstrom line tonight, and that’s who scored Dallas’ 2 goals; with Ribeiro getting the first and Morrow the second.

Penalties weren’t as crazy tonight as they were the first game, 13 in total, which is less than Krys Barch got in the 1st period Tuesday.

Did I mention I hate to lose?

We lost, but I really wish I’d seen this game.

September 24, 2008

Stars lost 3-2 in their opening pre-season game against the Blues last night.  Darn no local channels and the NHL Network not airing this game, because judging by the penalties, it seems like it would’ve been an exciting game to watch!

Krys Barch lead everyone in penalty minutes with 24, yes TWENTY-FOUR, 17 in the first period alone!  He receieved 2 fighting majors, a instigator minor, a tripping minor and a 10-minute misconduct.  Sean Avery was not far behind, getting 18 minutes himself; 2 hi-sticking minors, an interference minor, a roughing minor and a 10-minute misconduct.

Avery wasn’t all bad, he did manage to score the Stars second goal of the night, with assists from Steve Ott and Brad Richards.  Loui Eriksson got the first goal, assisted by Joel Lundqvist and Matt Niskanen.

Thursday night’s game is HOME against the Avs, and don’t forget if you go to take canned food for Hurricane Ike victims, you’ll get free tickets to another pre-season game!

Some quick updates

September 23, 2008

Luckily, I will only be without a computer 2 more days.  Woohoo.  So here is a bit of what is going on.

Each day, a different Star will be blogging about training camp, you can view them all here.

On Thursday, the Stars will be holding a food drive for the Colorado Avalanche preseason game.  All fans that bring canned food items will recieve free pre-season tickets for ANY pre-season home game.  The food is for victims of Hurricane Ike.

The Stars will also be having an open house Saturday, between 10am and 2pm.  The Stars will be practicing from 10 til noon, then until 2 there will be an open skate on the AAC ice!  And again, free pre-season tickets to all who attend.

Stars take on the St. Louis Blues tonight in St Louis, first pre-season game!

Oh the woes of computers

September 22, 2008

Came home early early Sunday morning from my trip, only to find my computer would not turn on, so I am computerless.  I am up at work, and forgot my notes from training camp Friday and yesterday at home, so those updates will have to wait I’m afraid…

Training camp Friday was a lot of fun, great to see some real drills going on with some possible new lines for the new season.  Sunday was just as fun, getting to see the scrimmage. 

I promise to make a real real update soon lol as long as I remember my notes.


September 18, 2008

Looks like the Stars will be starting their season without Sergei Zubov.  This coming straight from the sweatervests mouth and   All you Russian lovers better get your Vodka out now…

Zubov had arthroscopic hip surgery today and could be out as long as 6-8 weeks.  Oh. My. God.  NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boucher is also out day-to-day with a sore toe :(

Good job, baby Stars!!!

September 18, 2008

The tournament in Traverse City is over.  And the Stars came out on top, winning in the final over Atlanta 8-3.  James Neal had the most points out of anyone in the entire tournament, with 4 goals and 9 points.

Yes, the Stars owned everyone.  Great start for this season!

Training Camp Groups released

September 17, 2008

The ever so awesome Heika has posted what will be the groups for Training camp.  Heika says the groups are subject to change.  So here is my take on the groupings and what we could see happen…


The 2008 Icebreaker

September 15, 2008

So, before I get into the greatness that was Saturday, I would like to share some news I personally found exciting.  Last night, while searching through the satellite trying to find something to watch, something caught my eye; “Playoffs: Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings” was coming on in 20 minutes.  Um what?  So without noticing what channel it was, I switched to the station to see if I got it, and low and low and behold the Stars playing the Blues in Traverse City.  Yes, my satellite company now has the NHL network, and I am just the happiest little person ever in the universe.  That is all.

Now, onto the Icebreaker, another fun year!  More and more people show up every time, but it’s still fun.  I personally only got through 2 lines; Brad Richards and Midget & Russian and Fishsticks.  May I just say how amazed I was that Russian was there.  He did not look too pleased about it most of the time.  Darn contract!  Time for peectures!

Otter talking to the love people at FSN (OMG Stars Live starting soon…)