Players gearing up for the season

According to Heika, players are starting to work out each day in Frisco starting at about 9:45am….(thanks for this Heika..*sets alarm clock*).   Fabian Brunnstrom is also there.  I’m really interested to see how this kid plays.  Lauri Tukonen who currently plays in Finland will be trying to make the NHL roster. *crosses fingers for more Finns* 

Of course, they are dividing up the prospects amoung different AHL teams, since they are between AHL affiliates at the moment.  Of course, this is for the prospects that don’t make the Stars roster.  You can find a list on the DMN blog, but one that is a bothersome is seeing they plan on sending Chris Conner to Peoria.  This does not please me.  Not one bit.  I don’t even want there to be a chance that I will not get to see Midget play all season.  You put my midget on the roster for keeps!!!!!! 

In other news, the Stars are supposed to be unveiling a new billboard ad campaign early next month.  You can find a video here, on the Dallas Morning News website.


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