Random post for the day: When was your first Stars game?

I’m bored, and I’m curious if anyone has any fun stories, or even remember exactly when their first Stars game was?

Sadly, I cannot.  I just remember it was probably like, 1995 or 1996, because it was well before our Cup was won.  I don’t remember who we played, I just remember it being cold then leaving pissed because we lost.  (I thought back then I was a jinx, because the one Cowboy’s game I had attended, we also lost.) So, remember anything fun from your first Stars game?



4 Responses to “Random post for the day: When was your first Stars game?”

  1. Cat Says:

    I remember that you and Lacy wanted me and Lauren to get up and go to the bathroom or for snacks more often, because the Stars scored every time we got up. Either that, or it was the other way around, and the Kings scored every time we got up. I don’t really remember, because if I recall, there was lots of alcohol consumed later that night. ;)

  2. Jen Says:

    lol all I remember is pretty much everytime I wasn’t there, the Stars scored. I also wasn’t there when Otter got in that fight and broke his ankle, I think me and lacy were getting our Stars blankets.

  3. Lori Says:

    My first game was in 1999 vs. Boston; season after they won the Cup. I’ll be honest, I knew absolutely nothing about hockey at that time. My niece & nephew were always talking about watching hockey on TV & how awesome it was. So I decided to take them to a game for their Christmas present from me that year. Well, they had fun & obviously so did I b/c I’ve been hooked ever since!!

  4. thesigngirls Says:

    My first game was in March of 1997 against the Penguins. I remember my parents really wanted to see Mario Lemieux, but he was out at the time with an injury. We got to see the Penguins again in 2002 (or maybe 2003) and we got to see Lemieux play.

    The Stars won :)


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