Good to see some hockey again!

Since I have turned into a zombie and didn’t sleep last night, I decided to go ahead and spend my awake time wisely and head to the Frisco StarCenter to check up on the players showing up to practice.  It was a nice little turnout, despite the fact that I didn’t see Morrownator, Midget or Fishsticks.

I did, however, see Otter, Lundy, Josie Grossy, Eriksson, Petersen, Barchie, Daley, Lehtinen, Mo, Robi and Ribs.  Landon Wilson, Tyler Shelast and Dan Jancevski were there as well.  Tobias Stephan and 2 other goalies were on hand as well, Stephen in the black jersey and the other 2 in the white.  The players were having a fun, playing for the love of the game scrimmage.  Ribbons came out about 20 minutes in, eating a banana.  I don’t know why, but it made me laugh so hard.

I couldn’t help but have a huge dorky smile on my face everytime a new player came out on the ice, even if I had no idea who they were at the time.  I felt a bit stupid because they kept looking at me, seeing as I was the only person in the stands watching.  But who cares, because OMG HOCKEY!

Otter was his usual chirpy self, “WOOO”-ing when a goal was scored and hassling players on the opposite team.  Did I mention he shaved off that God awful beard?  Because he did.  The cutest thing ever was after Ribeiro scored a goal, in jest Daley came up to him to give him one of the “OMG YAY WE SCORED HUGS” you always see. 

The rookies seemed like they are really going to be great this season.  I’m really excited for training camp to get a better idea of what these kids are made of.


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