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Conner recalled

October 31, 2008

The Dallas Stars have recalled LW Chris Conner (OMGMIDGETTTT) and played Joel Lundqvist in IR.

Conner will be joining the club tonight for the game against the Chicago Blackhawks.   (EEEE)

Stephan in net tonight

October 31, 2008

Looks like Stephan impressed Tippett well enough to get the start tonight in Chicago against Happy Goalie.  I kind of expected this, start Stephan tonight then go with Marty tomorrow against Boston.  They did this a lot when we still had Smitty. 

The Stars were 2-1-1 last season against the Blackhawks.  Go Stars!

Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2008

[edit: adding this because i just saw it on the NHL network and it’s awesome]

So, with it being Halloween and all I figured I’d use my psychic powers to predict what the Stars players would be for halloween, so I introduce to you



Few interesting tid-bits

October 30, 2008

So, this is a tad important. The NHL has moved the trade deadline from March 3rd to March 4th. The reasoning is that there are fewer games played on the 4th.  Just an extra day to stress about trades, imo. 

Sean Avery has chosen Ryan Gosling to play him in the movie New Line Cinema is basing on his time spent at Vogue.  Wow.

Our boy Niklas Hagman helped lead the Maple Leafs to a 6-5 win in the shootout against the Devils last night, by snowing Brodeur.  He said after the game he wasn’t trying to get any snow in his face, that it was just a move he’d been trying in practice.  Either way, it’s pretty funny and judging by the smile on Brodeur’s face, he thought it was too.  Though i wouldn’t be laughing at Hagman’s laser eyes staring into me after the goal.

Stars give Wild first loss of the season

October 30, 2008

I’m sure we were the last team Minnesota expected to lose to.  The Wild remained the one team yet to lose in regulation, and were 100% on the penalty kill.  On the other side, we were off to a God awful start, our little rookie Stephan was getting his 2nd NHL career start.  Surely this would be an easy win for the Wild?  They thought wrong.

The Stars got their presence and plan to win out there early, with Brenden Morrow getting a goal from Ribeiro and Eriksson just 13 seconds into the game.  Bergeron the Wild countered exactly 6 minutes later with a power play goal from Belanger and Johnsson.  But the Stars weren’t done, getting 2 more goals before the first period ended.  Steve Ott getting the first from Richards and Avery and Richards cashing in himself from Fistric and Barch. 

After getting the lead, the Stars went back to what they were known for, good defense.  They showed it in the first period as well, but worked to protect their lead and limit the Wild’s scoring chances.  Then 12 minutes into the second period, the Stars upped their lead to 3 and rid Minnesota of their perfect penalty kill thanks to Niskanen’s goal from Avery.  After Niskanen’s goal, the Wild didn’t help themselves by taking an abuse of the officials minor, I guess they weren’t happy with their perfect PK gone.   The second period wasn’t all good, Mark Fistric took a puck to the chest and had to leave the game.  I, personally, freaked out.  I do not take well to any of the Stars players getting injured.  Luckily, he returned to finish the game in the third period.

The Stars continued to build on what they had accomplished in the game.  However, after Modano took a 2 minute minor for tripping, the Wild managed to get a second goal past Stephan on the power play; a goal from Brunette (that deflected off one of our defensemen) with Johnsson and Miettinen getting the assists.  That would the end of the scoring for tonight.  The Wild gave it a good shot, but the Stars weren’t having it.  They used their bodies to protect the net and to help our rookie get his first NHL career win.  Brenden especially, taking a puck to face and also scaring the crap out of me.  Stephan made some fantastic saves. 

While I was excited to see Miettinen return to Dallas, a bit into the game we changed our minds.  Mittens had some real Finn on Swede hate going on, hitting Grossman, then Eriksson a little too much for my liking.  Though with Eriksson, it might’ve been part Swede hate part “YOU WILL NEVER BE THE WRAPPER!” (Seeing that the Peanut Butter Cup line of Morrow-Ribeiro-Miettinen last season had Miettinen as the wrapper.)  Either way, not cool Mittens.

The other negative of the game was the annoying shit sitting next to us who felt the need to boo Robidas.  Also, not cool.  What is cool?  Seeing that the Hooter’s ad in my program was signed by Ribbons.  What could be more amusing?

The three Stars of the game were

  1. Brad Richards
  2. Tobias Stephan
  3. Steve Ott

Stephan getting his 2nd NHL start

October 29, 2008

Tonight will be Stephan’s first start in goal this season, only the second of his NHL career.  He was less than 10 seconds away from getting a shut out in his NHL debut against Chicago last season, only to have the Hawks score and win in overtime.  He hasn’t had the best season the two times he relieved Turco this season, but he also didn’t get much support.  Hopefully tonight, with a rookie in net, the Stars pull together to help get him (and the team) the win.

I’m pulling for you Tobi!

The Stars Calender

October 28, 2008
I cant wait for December

I can't wait for December

We all loved the  last Stars calender.  How could you not?  Modern Luxury did a great job dressing our boys up. 

It seems Modern Luxury is returning for the 2009 Stars calender.  OH EXCITING!!!   The new calender should be unveiled before the holiday season.  Plz 2 B having Robi in calender.

The Mittens Revenge

October 28, 2008

This is what I am going to call the game tomorrow.  I was very upset (but not as upset as Caitlin) when we got the news that Mittens signed with the Wild.  Mittens had a lot of talent, and showcased it well while on the PBC line (for those who are new that is the Ribeiro-Morrow-Miettinen line, Peanut Butter Cup line, if you will).

Now, the Stars are struggling and Mittens is flourishing, leading the Wild in goals with 6.  He also has 3 assists for 9 points, that’s more than a point a game pace right now.  All I have to say is good for you Mittens, good for you.  I knew you had this in you. 

So Minnesota is in town, and it will be the first time Mittens will be seeing his old team, his ole buddies.  It’s the first of four meetings between the two teams tomorrow night at the AAC.  Last season, the Stars were 3-1 against the Wild.   What’s funny is the game winning goals against the Wild last season were all from people no longer playing with the Stars; Stu Barnes, Antti Miettinen, Niklas Hagman.

Let’s hope that the few days of rest and golfing helps the Stars to relax a bit and get back into their fine form we saw a bit last week.

In other news according to Heika, Lundqvist is going to be out 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury.   Andy Moog was also out working with the goalies again today.

Small Practice Update

October 26, 2008

I forgot to mention that last night at the game, we met up with the girls who run Stop Hitting Robidas!  I decided at about 2am last night to go to practice, where I happily met up with them again.

A rare outting of the Russian

A rare outting of the Russian

According to the Stars website, practice was supposed to start at noon, but when I got there just a little after, it was already over and players were slowly getting off the ice.  I did manage to see Russian skating, who apparently took part in practice today.  He was laughing, which means somewhere a lot of bunnies died.  Most of the team still on the ice looked in good spirits, despite how the season has started.  Morrow I guess officially ended the practice by knocking the goal over, laughing while doing it.  Neal and Stu then took turns trying to shoot the puck in the fallen net from the other side of the ice.

After practice, most of the players came out to sign autographs.  I will say, Barchie has quite possibly the most annoying car alarm in the universe, sorry Barchie.  Myra also overheard Daley telling some of the people in line that he was hurt.  This does not fare well for our already injury ridden team.  Also, do me a favor, and when you see Marty, tell him you still heart him even if you don’t.  He made me sad.  I just want to hug him.

According to Heika, Lundqvist is listed as day-to-day and had his arm in a sling.

Caps defeat Stars in overtime

October 26, 2008


Hey, we lost again.  But at least we got a point!  There was some good in the game, I promise.  I actually went into this game confident, half from the way we played Thursday and the other half because the Capitals was one of three teams Marty Turco was undefeated against (3-0-0).

Some of the good, was that the Stars did manage to get a point, as I said before.  The Stars also started the scoring first, Sean Avery finally got his first goal as a Star.  I must say, it was well deserved and well played.  He’s growing on me, a little bit.  The Caps made it 2-1, then with 10 seconds left in the first period, Brunnstrom got his 5th goal of the season on the power play.  Good boy Fabbity Fab!  Then, in the second, the exact same people scored again for the Caps, to make it 4-2.  BJ Crombreen got his first goal a little under 16 minutes into the second.  Loui Eriksson made it 4-4 under a minute into the third period, only to have the Caps score again.  So with one minute left, we pulled the goalie (which makes me extremely uneasy) and Modano got one past Theodore to tie the game.   Only to have the Caps score in overtime with a very stoppable wrist shot.  What sucks is that there was a defenseman in front of Turco who could’ve at least tried to stop the puck, but just stood there and watched it go in.  *sigh*

There was good, despite the score, I promise we played better. lol  It’s just kinda sucky that it had to end that way.  We’re still building though, so hopefully more good comes our way.

What sucks?  Is that out of 6 Capital goals none were from Ovechkin.  That makes me extremely sad.