The 2008-09 Dallas Stars Tour, The Big Boys

So, this is my first full season as a blogger.  EEK!  So I decided, that since I will be your ‘tour guide’ for this next full season, why not make a post about it?  Now that we have a few games under our belt, here is your tour of the 2008-2009 Dallas Stars

Me & Midget at the 2008 Ice Breaker

Me & Midget at the 2008 Ice Breaker

First off, hello.  For those who have not clicked and read the bland and boring “about me” section, I am Jen.  And I am your tour guide for this season, or your Captain, if you will (for this blog of course).  Hmm…what exactly do you want to know about your tour guide?  For one, this is the one and only time you will ever see a picture of me on this blog.  Unless something drastic happens and I marry a hockey player within the next year, this is all you will see of me.  I’ll go ahead and tell you I’m 25, instead of twenty-something, even though I have the maturity of a 15 year old, especially when watching hockey.  I was born and raised in Dallas and have been following hockey since the lovely NHL decided to move the Minnesota North Stars south.  I also greatly enjoy watching football, I mean I did grow up in Dallas during the Superbowl years.


This is Daisy, she is my hockey watching pug.  This specific picture is of her chilling on the couch with me watching the Colorado Avalanche get the living tar beat out of them by us.  She’s adorable, I know.

I will find any excuse to post this picture

I will find any excuse to post this picture

This is the blogs honorary Captain, and the Stars actual Captain Brenden Morrow,  Mini-Mo, the Morrownator.  I am not just listing him first because he is captain, he would be listed first regardless.  Why?  Because he is just that awesome, and has been my favorite player for about 9 years now.  Back when he first started, I was like “wow this kid is good” while my mom was going “He’s cute Jen, you should marry him.”  I agreed, but sadly this plan of ours never did work out.  Not only did he end up finding his love and marrying, but it wasn’t until just recently have I been able to say more than Hi or Bye to the man.  He is a fantastic player, and the best captain I think the Stars could have right now.  He is the heart of the team.  He is awesome.  He is just about every word you can imagine.  The good words.



Next on our stop is Mike Modano, Mikey Mo, “I heard you were a farmer.”  He is pretty much the face of the franchise, one of the few players that pretty much everyone in Dallas knows.  Remember, this is a football town, but people are slowly learning.   Through the years, we’ve learned many things about this man: we should be proud he’s American, he can add, and likes helping people. I’m sure Marty Turco has also made sure he can read too.   His foundation, the Mike Modano Foundation, helps put on a baseball game yearly, for the Heroes Foundation.  Oh, and if you didn’t know, he is the greatest American born hockey player ever.



To your left, you will see one known as Marty Turco, Turks, MAR-TY, Brick & Mortar (apparently), “I will make sure everone can read”.  People in Dallas have had a lot of faith in this man for a long time, he finally showed the rest of the NHL why.  He is also the goalie form of a teddy bear.  Notice it next time he stops a puck, with those huge pads on his legs, he just reminds me of a stuffed animal when he freezes after catching the puck.  He started the Dallas Stars “Stick With Reading” program, to encourage children to read and to try to get them excited about reading.  He does various appearances in the metroplex, most recently visiting a school with Fistric, Petersen and Crombeen.  Last season he did a reading at Half Price Books, and it was adorable.  Marty reading Dr. Suess.  It was rumored last year that he would begin writing his own children’s books called “Smarty Marty”.  Please, Marty, get on this.

Please dont kill me Zubov

Please don't kill me Zubov

The last stop on this tour is to visit a very rare species of hermit called “Russian Zubovian.”  Yes, Sergei Zubov, Zubie, Russian.  Get a quick look while you can, for this is one species rarely seen outside of the ice.  I’m convinced he is scared of the sun, and Christmas cards amoung other things. I’m convinced he has it written in his contract that he will limit himself to three fan outings a year, this includes coming out for autographs after practices.  This man is hardcore, his only concern is winning.  It is rumored that he is also hardcore off the ice, owning an alligator as a pet that sleeps on a pillow by the fireplace.  It is also rumored that while injured, you can still hear him coming from Nisky, due to the fact that Russian has placed a wireless earbud in nisky’s helmet so he can scream at him in Russian when he makes a mistake.

So this will conclude the first part of our tour.  Go watch a few games, and feel free to return for part 2.



9 Responses to “The 2008-09 Dallas Stars Tour, The Big Boys”

  1. Kristine Says:

    I’ve been to practice in Frisco a bunch of times, but the one time I stood in line for autographs I got really lucky – Zubie came out! I was shocked and amazed. He’s just as hardcore (read: intimidating) in person.

    Love this feature btw!

  2. Jen Says:

    I have been to a lot of practices, and have only witnessed him coming to sign autographs twice.

  3. Caitlin Says:

    Poor crotchety, hermit-y Russian. :( I hope his hip is okay. I think Ralph & Razor jinxed him.

    Marty will not REST until he gives every single American child a book.

  4. Jen Says:

    Marty will not REST until he gives every single American child a book.

    He’s got a lot of work to do, I mean, he’s also got to teach Avery.

  5. Caitlin Says:

    I mean, he’s also got to teach Avery.

    I wish this on no one.

  6. Kristine Says:

    Marty will not REST until he gives every single American child a book.

    He’s got a lot of work to do, I mean, he’s also got to teach Avery.

    He could start with Moby Dick.

  7. Myra Says:

    He could start with Moby Dick.


  8. Myra Says:

    Oh and that is a GREAT picture of you and Midget.

  9. Jen Says:

    aww thank you myra!

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