There were some positives yesterday

Despite a 5-4 loss to the Avs, there was some positive that came out of the game.

For one, the team played remarkabley better.  I mean hell, we almost tied the game!  (Though, that almost is for the ref who were absolutely horrendous yesterday.)  The refs were against Brenden Morrow again last night, I’m convinced of it!  I’m still a little tiffed about the no-goal called on him in the 3rd period, the goal that could’ve changed the outcome of the game.  It deflected off his glove and in.  I know, in hockey rules a puck that goes off a glove doesn’t count, but that goal looked like it should’ve counted, regardless of the rules.  It should be the same as pucks going off a skate, if there is a ‘kicking motion’ it doesn’t count, but pucks deflecting off the skate and in count.  Why can’t it be the same for a glove, if the glove is holding onto the stick, the stick trying to get the puck into the net.  Whatever, time to move on.

The scoring was led by the young guys, Neal, Brunnstrom and Eriksson got 3 of the 4 goals.  Brad Richards got the 4th.  Grossman got into a fight, and my mouth hit the ground.  I couldn’t believe it.  I also can’t believe I’m saying this, but Sean Avery played far better than in the first 5 games.  He did some good stuff on the ice, so hopefully he can build on that.

The other positive of yesterday was the adorable Swede sitting in front of me last night, oh he was precious.  He got really into the game, especially when Brunnstrom and Eriksson scored.  It was also fun to hear him screaming at the game in Swedish.

The negative?  Marty is still letting in far too many goals.  I know he can do better, he knows he can do better and hopefully we’ll see a different Turco this next week.  We’ll need it, because Jere Lehtinen is still not ready to play and didn’t make the trip

Stars are on a east coast road trip, their first game coming tomorrow against Avery’s old team the New York Rangers.


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One Response to “There were some positives yesterday”

  1. StarsRule Says:

    First, and foremost – Marty continues to be Marty. He did this same act last year and I, for one, am getting quite tired of it. He needs to stop the theatrics and the gymnastics and STAY in the goal as much as possible. Every time he tries something “cute” the team gets burned. This time we couldn’t pull out of it because the refs appeared to definitely have an agenda.

    That brings me to #2 – I saw Fabian and Janik get hit by the stick of an opposing team member. I saw the Avs pulling a “booty party” like Holmstrom did in the playoffs. They were all over Marty but NO penalty was called on any of their shenanigans. Yet we get called over and over and the Darcy Tucker one reminded me of the show that Chris Osgood put on in the playoffs. Darcy took a dive. He stays down on the ice and then when he gets up spreads his arms out like he is about to be crucified. I guess the refs took pity on him and gave us a penalty. He acted like he was really hurt as he was doubled over skating back to his bench. At that time I scoped him out with my binoculars to see just how bad he was hurt. Oh, my, oh, no, tell me it isn’t so. He was standing up in the bench and not one drop of blood did I see. On the next shift change he went back on the ice.

    This was, I think, one of the poorest jobs of reffing since the last playoff game in Vancouver. Of course, Toronto made the call on Brenden’s non-goal. It was overall a very poorly called game by the refs, and between Marty and Mo making plays for the Avs to score on, we were doomed. Marty is not an elite goalie and I would say that he is average most of the time. He does have a few glimmers of hope as he did in the playoffs but he is much too inconsistent for this team to be able to go anywhere with him in goal. I try every year to think positive about him but he always lets me down. He better get his game on soon or this team will be trying to claw out of the hole again.

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