Quick updates before the game

Literally RIGHT before the game.  I’m stuck at work, so am stuck listening to the first and part of the second period on the radio.  But real quick:

Fabian Brunnstrom was named the 3rd Star of the NHL this week!  CONGRATS YOU PRECIOUS LITTLE SWEDE!  If anyone on our team deserves any sort of recognition (and believe me, that is a small list of people who do) it’s him. 

In his NHL debut on Oct.15, Brunnstrom scored a hat trick against the Nashville Predators, including the game-winning goal, becoming just the third player in NHL history to score three times in his NHL debut — Alex Smart scored three times in his debut for Montreal in 1943, and Real Cloutier matched the feat with Quebec in 1979. Brunnstrom rounded out the week with a power-play goal against Colorado on Saturday.

Other news, Toby Petersen is out tonight, his wife is having a baby so he had to fly home!  Congrats Toby and family!!!

We’ll see how tonight goes; it’ll be interesting, if anything.



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