Small Practice Update

I forgot to mention that last night at the game, we met up with the girls who run Stop Hitting Robidas!  I decided at about 2am last night to go to practice, where I happily met up with them again.

A rare outting of the Russian

A rare outting of the Russian

According to the Stars website, practice was supposed to start at noon, but when I got there just a little after, it was already over and players were slowly getting off the ice.  I did manage to see Russian skating, who apparently took part in practice today.  He was laughing, which means somewhere a lot of bunnies died.  Most of the team still on the ice looked in good spirits, despite how the season has started.  Morrow I guess officially ended the practice by knocking the goal over, laughing while doing it.  Neal and Stu then took turns trying to shoot the puck in the fallen net from the other side of the ice.

After practice, most of the players came out to sign autographs.  I will say, Barchie has quite possibly the most annoying car alarm in the universe, sorry Barchie.  Myra also overheard Daley telling some of the people in line that he was hurt.  This does not fare well for our already injury ridden team.  Also, do me a favor, and when you see Marty, tell him you still heart him even if you don’t.  He made me sad.  I just want to hug him.

According to Heika, Lundqvist is listed as day-to-day and had his arm in a sling.



2 Responses to “Small Practice Update”

  1. Kristine Says:

    So it seems like we’re the only people in the blogosphere to know about Daley’s possible injury. Hopefully it’s nothing serious since Five For Fighting, DMN, and Andrew’s haven’t mentioned it.

  2. Myra Says:

    Can I just say that Zubov grows a fine beard. Ok, thank you.

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