The Mittens Revenge

This is what I am going to call the game tomorrow.  I was very upset (but not as upset as Caitlin) when we got the news that Mittens signed with the Wild.  Mittens had a lot of talent, and showcased it well while on the PBC line (for those who are new that is the Ribeiro-Morrow-Miettinen line, Peanut Butter Cup line, if you will).

Now, the Stars are struggling and Mittens is flourishing, leading the Wild in goals with 6.  He also has 3 assists for 9 points, that’s more than a point a game pace right now.  All I have to say is good for you Mittens, good for you.  I knew you had this in you. 

So Minnesota is in town, and it will be the first time Mittens will be seeing his old team, his ole buddies.  It’s the first of four meetings between the two teams tomorrow night at the AAC.  Last season, the Stars were 3-1 against the Wild.   What’s funny is the game winning goals against the Wild last season were all from people no longer playing with the Stars; Stu Barnes, Antti Miettinen, Niklas Hagman.

Let’s hope that the few days of rest and golfing helps the Stars to relax a bit and get back into their fine form we saw a bit last week.

In other news according to Heika, Lundqvist is going to be out 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury.   Andy Moog was also out working with the goalies again today.

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