Few interesting tid-bits

So, this is a tad important. The NHL has moved the trade deadline from March 3rd to March 4th. The reasoning is that there are fewer games played on the 4th.  Just an extra day to stress about trades, imo. 

Sean Avery has chosen Ryan Gosling to play him in the movie New Line Cinema is basing on his time spent at Vogue.  Wow.

Our boy Niklas Hagman helped lead the Maple Leafs to a 6-5 win in the shootout against the Devils last night, by snowing Brodeur.  He said after the game he wasn’t trying to get any snow in his face, that it was just a move he’d been trying in practice.  Either way, it’s pretty funny and judging by the smile on Brodeur’s face, he thought it was too.  Though i wouldn’t be laughing at Hagman’s laser eyes staring into me after the goal.


4 Responses to “Few interesting tid-bits”

  1. thesigngirls Says:

    Hagman’s goal was awesome :) I watched that on one screen and the Stars on another.

    I don’t know how I feel about them moving the trade deadline. It’s another day to stress about it, but my Wednesdays will be much more open than my Tuesdays so I’ll be able to sit here all day refreshing TSN.


  2. Kristine Says:

    Okay, I’ll see the Sean Avery movie just to watch Ryan Gosling. I would watch Gosling in a musical about zombies, were he in one. So yeah.

    Also very nice goal by Hagman. :)

  3. crazylilsportslady Says:

    Ooh, glad I stumbled upon your blog! Used to live in Dallas, now live LA…Stars fan since the day they skated into Dallas. Worked for the team in high school MISS THEM DEARLY. Looking forward to 11/11.

  4. Jen Says:

    I’m glad you stumbled across my blog too! lol

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