A division rival, finally

The Stars are the last team in the league to face a team in their division.  Tonight, the Stars will be taking on the Anaheim Ducks. 

Last season, the Stars went 5-2-1 against them in the regular season, then beat them in 6 to knock them out of the first round of the playoffs.  Will they be lookig for revenge?  I can’t say, but I know I sure as hell would be.  Sergei Zubov will be making his return tonight.  I don’t know if he alone can fix all the problems that have been going on with the Stars, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  This is going to be a tough game, the Ducks have gone 8-0-1 in their last 9 games. 

Here’s hoping the Stars, along with Sergei Zubov and newbie Parrish, can start to turn this around.


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One Response to “A division rival, finally”

  1. unstableblogger Says:

    A hat trick for Parrish… Otter’s fist to Pronger’s face… the return of the Russian and Turco looking like well, Turco! It was a GREAT game! :)

    WOO HOO!!!! Great job, Stars!

    Oh and lets not forget “Giggy” being pulled and throwing down his widdle mask on the bench cuz we made him sad scoring on him so much bwhahahahaahaha :)

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