Liveblog: Stars @ Sharks 11/08/08

Hey what is this?  A liveblog?  I figured why not!  Since a lot of people might not get to see the first part of the game.

Check back here at game time!


They’ve got Bob Sturm in studio with Ric Renner, Mr. Hair with Mr. No Hair.  They talk about stringing 2 wins in a row, and how the Ducks and Sharks are the two teams we knocked out of the playoffs last season. (Wow really?  I had no idea.)

Now talking of Russian, that will not make him happy.   They mention that against the Sharks, Marty is 20-7-1-4, so things are looking up.    The ford Trivia question is  “Who has the most career assists against the San Jose Sharks?” with Lidstrom, Modano, Sakic and Selanne being your choices.  We’ll see who the answer is.  And now they’re running the segment on Richards that I have now seen about 50 times.

Razor is interviewing Mark Parrish.  He seems like a nice man!  I like him, especially after last night.  And Joe Sakic wins the battle with 47 assists against the Sharks.  Time for Sturm’s last night (talking about how Marty Turco needs to be a brick wall) and LET’S GET THIS SHIT STARTED!!

1st Period

Ralphie’s tie doesn’t really match his suit, and it bothers me.  In other news (not mentioned on the broadcast), Lehtinen is still a no-go for tonight, Richards is in.

20:00: First up is Otter-Richards-Eriksson.  And my feed looks a little green?  I guess for Stars morale?  Thought it seems to be straightening out.

19:00: Modano out with Parrish and Avery.  Unlike the first line, the Mo line actually got it to the Sharks end.  This is where we need to be guys.  Harder for them to score 5 from that side.

19:33: Ribeiro is out with Morrow and Fabi again. And are doing much better than the first 2 lines, as they should be.  Being that they ARE the ‘top line’.

17:31: and Marleau is leaving after being hit with a puck I believe from another Sharks player.  That sucks for you.  Especially with no Cheechoo.

And I just read on Heika that the Sharks fans boo when the word “star” is said in the national anthem. And people say we’re disrespectful?  First booing the O Canada, now this?

16:00: I forgot Boyle was now on the Sharks, and he just skated right into one of his own players.  As Razor puts it “they’re doing more harm to themselves than the Stars are.”

14:11: And Clowe and Crombeen are going at it.   Crombeen’s arm is out of his jersey and just punched Clowe to the ground.

12:47: And Boyle..somehow gets it past Marty.  It went right under his glove arm.  Damn.

11:19: And Avery going to the box.  I have no idea why?  Cross-checking someone.  I hope it was Roenick.  Sadly it wasn’t, it was Goc.

10:13: Boucher was just trying to “eat it” in the corner.  Hee.  What exactly was he trying to eat?

7:24: And the Sharks are taking a penalty!  WOO!!

5:24: Some chances, but sadly nothing.

1:40: Avery’s stick got caught under Michalek’s feet and is taking a penalty.

:30: Turco just made a really awesome save!  WOO.

:00: Stars are going to the room down 1-0.  That sucks, but they still haven’t imploded.

1st Intermission

Ric Renner’s hair freaks me out.  And they’re doing a segment on Stuie as a coach.  Nothing we haven’t seen.

2nd Period

20:00: Sharks have 13 seconds left on their PP, and the Stars managed to kill it off.

14:45: Brunnstrom just LAID OUT Ehrhoff.  HAHAAA  You deserved it.

13:14: And the Sharks take the stupidest penalty ever, Too Many Men.

10:25: Turco is absolutely crazy and somehow makes the best stop ever.

9:06: And Brenden Morrow is going to the penalty box, and Tippett does not look pleased! I do hope you do your spin-o-rama.

8:45: Otter and Modano managed to get some shots in on Boucher! (the other Boucher)

8:10: And San Jose is taking a penalty and I can’t see him but Grossman is hurt apparently aftering being hit into the boards.

7:56: Sharks finally get posession and Thornton takes a penalty.  And Grossman is bleeding on the bench.

5:56: Damn the Sharks got good on their PK.  Boo.

3:30-something: Ribeiro is high sticked, BLANTENTLY to the face by Thornton!!!!  RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF!!  No call, so Ribeiro went to get revenge and that didn’t get called either. HOW WAS THAT NOT CALLED (the first one)  Ribbons be PISSED now.

:00: Hey! It’s still only 1-0!!

2nd intermission

They are interviewing Modano.  He mentions brains turning off, and mine does.  All I hear is blahblahblah.  Sorry Mo, for some reasong my concentration not so great tonight.  And now they show the Boucher thing, that I have also seen before.

3rd Period

16:19: I got distracted but YAY!  Eriksson gets the rebound and gets the puck past Boucher to make it 1-1!!

15:50: Roenick takes a penalty for “fondling” as Razor put it.  HAHAAAA

12:48: Clowe got a GOOD chance on Turco, but it went just wide of the net.  This game is starting to get good!

11:10: Haha, Avery just knocked the stick out of Boushark’s glove (I’m going to call their goalie Boushark so there is no confusion)

3:30: There have been some good chances on both ends, but both goalies have kept it tied at one.  Come on Stars!!!!

2:05: Turco just made an AMAZING save!!!

:29: Marty Turco turns over the puck to Marleau and gives him an empty net.  Sigh. 2-1. Marty, why you do this?

:00: Sigh.  Maybe one day we’ll get 2 wins in a row.


This sucks, though we did play better, and only let in 2.  Which is a big improvement.  Tippett does not look happy. Marty Turco was FSN’s player of the game.

Now they talk to Brenden, and he looks so nice in his pretty little suit!!!

Ric Rinners awful suit makes his air look green.

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9 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars @ Sharks 11/08/08”

  1. unstableblogger Says:

    The Shark fans are heinous. H E I N O U S.

    Oh and WTF is up with the zebras???? Thornton high sticks Ribbons on the face-off right in front of the freakin ref and no call???? The Sharks are elbowing like mad and no calls but God forbid Avery even brush someone on the ice cuz he’ll go to the box.


  2. Sarah Says:

    I just got back from the game (yes, many of “us” Sharks fans are heinous; it is getting worse every year and I don’t like it one bit; shut the F up during the national anthem!)…

    I have to vent a little, though: I’m having a really hard time trying to excuse Ribeiro’s slashes. We share a heritage, so I feel as if I should have some allegiance, but he’s got to cut that crap out. The slash on Osgood last year was stupid, but I (sort of kind of) defended him because Osgood “started it” (but really, I’ll be honest, I think I defended him ’cause I like the Stars more than Detroit). But again? Yes, he got clocked in the face. Yes, it should have been a penalty. But you just don’t respond by using your stick as a weapon. Period. If you really want to go, drop the stick and drop the gloves. He’s making way too much of a habit of that stick work, and it is getting way too close to dangerous territory. Also, I don’t know if it showed on TV, but after they went down to center ice and they came together again and the refs stepped in, Ribeiro kicked Thornton. Clear as day, kicked him. Like a little kid throwing a tantrum. Thornton should have been called, but calls get missed all the time. You make him pay on the scoreboard, not by putting your team at risk for a retaliatory penalty kill, or yourself at risk for a suspension. He’s living up to his reputation as a, well, fill-in-the-blank, and that makes me sad. I hope for better from him, and I do think he is better than that.

    Frankly, the refs and linesman stunk to high heaven overall. Missed calls abounded on both sides (Turco got away with some blatant takedowns, and Shark elbows were flying all over); and then there were questionable calls on both sides (Avery was called on reputation more than anything and that just isn’t right). Really ugly, and not how you want to see a hockey game. I had an awesome time with my friends, and the game had its flashes of “yee!” when both teams had some real pressure (and it seemed that Dallas had the majority of that pressure) but overall it was kind of blah.

    I really thought it was going to OT, and probably a shoot-out. That last minute was kind of a shocker and not indicative of the rest of the game.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Oh, and I’ll add a side note from the pre-game warmup. Brunnstrom gave pucks to kids. That was sweet. And B-Rad needs hair. Badly.

  4. unstableblogger Says:

    Nope didnt see Ribbons kick Thornton. Damn TV timeouts.

    Ribbons’ stick barely made contact with Osgood yet he went down like he got shot. I guess you didnt see Osgood tag Ribbons with the butt of his stick, huh? Just sayin…

    Sadly, I didnt see anyone layout JR either as we ALL hoped to see.

    Brunnstrom is awesome to the fans, especially the kids. All our guys are great to the fans.

  5. Jen Says:

    I saw the funniest thing while watching NHL on the Fly that I don’t think they showed us during the actual game (unless I missed it) and that was Sean Avery throwing water from the water bottle onto the Shark bench lmao

  6. unstableblogger Says:

    Oh man….I didnt see that! Love me some Avery! ;-)

  7. unstableblogger Says:

    And thank you thank you thank you for coming out to see my daughter’s game today! I’m gonna put up a Jen Rocks post tonight or in the morning! :) I really appreciate the support!!! :)

  8. Mike Says:

    Sharks fans are heinous, yet you are supporting the class act that is Sean Avery. That alone makes me sick, and yet laugh at the hypocritical nature of that.
    You are so obviously blind to your own hypocrisy too. “Haha, Avery just knocked the stick out of Boushark’s glove”
    Actually called a blocker. And that would be a penalty, which he did not get called for.
    Avery spraying gatorade on the sharks bench is not only acceptable but commendable to you too?
    I’m sure you make most Dallas fans sick, or at least I hope so. Avery has absolutely no class and deserved more than the penalties he got that game.

    Another thing.
    1:15 and on. Barely makes contact? Are you blind? That was a two handed overhand chop. I don’t know about Osgood’s actions, but that was a solid hit.

    Have fun catching up, you’re only 21 points behind.

  9. Who is the most embarassing in this situation? « The Shootout Says:

    […] I’m sure this post will just continue in me “making most Dallas fans sick“.) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Sean Avery press conferenceAvery […]

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