Things are looking up

Despite losing 3-2 in the shootout, the Stars are still continuing to improve.  (The loss also solidified their spot at the bottom of the Pacific Division, no where to go but up from here.)  They finally have all their roster back, with Jere Lehtinen skating for the first time this season.  I can’t write a real detailed summary because I didn’t see a lot of the game to be honest, my thoughts were still fixated on an event I attended yesterday.

I did, however, see Dustin Brown hit Ribeiro and make him bleed and Brenden Morrow immediately go after Brown as if saying “DON’T TOUCH MY BFF!!”  There was a chance that because of Brenden instigating a fight within the last 5 mintues of the game, he would automatically face a one-game suspension and Tippett would receive a $10,000 fine.  But news has come down today that Morrow will NOT be suspended and Tippett will not be fined due to the circumstances.  Ribeiro did return for the shootout, and got the lone Stars tally in the 5 rounds it took to declare a winner.   And Ribeiro’s shootout attempt was awesome, so fancy.  He slide the puck through his legs in front of Ersberg and dragged his stick to push it in.  Then after he was done shushed the Kings bench.  You are such a pimp.

Stars will be getting revenge at home tomorrow night. What what!


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2 Responses to “Things are looking up”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Speaking of Dustin Brown, don’t forget to shitlist him!

  2. unstableblogger Says:

    Oh yeah Dustin Brown totally needs to be shitlisted. Totally.

    Ribs shushing the Kings bench *was* straight up pimp, wasnt it? hahaha I loved it. LOVED IT!

    Very cool that Scrappy Doo will not get suspended for tonight’s game. I get why the rule is in place but the circumstances for this one warrant an exception. Tippett said after the game that he’d pay that fine any day :)

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