So, this isn’t fun

Stars are now 3rd to last in the NHL, 2nd to last in the Western Conference and dead last in the Pacific Division.  What the hell happened? 

Last night against the Kings, it was like the Stars lost all the progress they had made.   The score was still only 3-2, thanks in big party to Marty, but the rest of the team looked just like they did at the beginning of the year.  No one looked like they were playing with the passion we are used to this team having.

I love my Stars, but I am sick of watching only to be disappointed by not only the score, but the lack of heart.

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3 Responses to “So, this isn’t fun”

  1. Lori Says:

    I’m really running out of things to say. I think any other team would jump at the chance to have pretty much any of our players on their roster. I’m hoping when they finally win 2 in a row that it’ll turn into 10 in a row or more!! I still believe!!

  2. unstableblogger Says:

    I’m pretty much with Lori in that I, too, am running out of stuff to say; however, I do find it rather interesting what was and wasnt said by Morrow after the game. I almost think there is some dissension in the locker room and of course we could come up with a dozen theories (or is that just me?? hehe) but something has to give here.

    Turco is looking better but I have no idea what to say about the rest of the team. And even Turco is not looking like the regular Turco… I am still not convinced that he’s not playing through an injury that he wouldnt normally try to play through because they dont feel that Tobias Stephan is quite living up to expectations. I dont know…. I could speculate myself to death here.

    All I know is that this totally SUCKS!!!! :(

  3. Kristine Says:

    I think at this point we’re ALL running out of things to say. Lori is right, we have some amazing players, but we’re not working as a team. They know that, but they can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. I do think that winning two in a row would be a big morale booster and hopefully get the ball rolling for us.

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