I oversleep and this is what I wake up to?

The Stars have traded Philippe Boucher (OMG Patty I is so sorry) to Pittsburgh for Darryl Sydor. This will be Syd’s 3rd time playing on the Stars, so welcome back.  I do love Syd, but not so sure how I feel about him coming with BooBoo as an expense :(

I’m currently watching the Phoenix game, I was out last night.  Will have a recap soon.


One Response to “I oversleep and this is what I wake up to?”

  1. unstableblogger Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this too. I like Sydor but I’m not sure about trading away Boucher for him and subsequently putting Crombeen on waivers. Is JackHull trying to recreate the 98-99 Cup team?! I know the Russian likes playing with Sydor but c’mon. What is next? Pulling Belfour outta rehab somewhere? Suitin up Luds? The more changes made, the more they will have to start over with the chemistry thing….but I get that SOMETHING has to give. I dont know what it is either though.

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