another one gone

wordpress won’t let me log in.    Had to go to a different computer to get in, but according to TSN BJ Crombeen has been claimed by St Louis Blues. Fan-fucking-tastic.



6 Responses to “another one gone”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Seriously, who DIDN’T see that coming? Of course Crombeen got claimed. He’s one of the best rookies in the league right now.

  2. Jen Says:

    Well ya, obviously someone was going to claim him, which makes me wonder why they bothered to put him on waivers.

  3. Kristine Says:

    I know. Even if it was to bring Neal back up, why bother? Crombeen was playing well, and it wasn’t hurting anyone to have Neal in the minors.

  4. classic17 Says:

    Didn’t think I’d be commenting here until we saw you guys again in February, but now this. What kind of player are we getting here? Blues fans seem to think he’s a 4th liner with potential, are they wrong?

  5. Jen Says:

    I think a 4th liner with potential is a decent assessment of him. While his stats probably don’t show it, he is a great rookie to have. He plays with a lot of passion and heart and is one of those guys who will stick up for his teammates no matter what. He probably won’t show up on the score sheet too much, but he is a quality player who can be a difference maker, especially in the future.

  6. classic17 Says:

    I watched a couple youtube clips, looks like he can scrap pretty well if needed. He’ll fit in pretty well in St.L, I guess, those are the only type of players we seem to have. I’m hoping it will end David Koci’s tenure as a Blue, the guy just takes up a roster spot for 3 minutes of ice time.

    Thanks for the profile and good luck to you guys!

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