morrownator out

I still can’t get on wordpress on the work computer, and since I’m on my phone ill keep this short.

brenden morrow has a torn ACL and will be out up to 6 months.



5 Responses to “morrownator out”

  1. unstableblogger Says:

    OMG you are freakin kidding me…. this is like a horrific nightmare!

  2. Lori Says:

    I seriously thought “this season can’t possibly get any worse.” Obviously I was wrong. There just aren’t words to describe the feeling I had when I heard this. All I can say now is they need their TRUE fans more than ever!! I’ll be there Saturday night in my Morrow jersey cheering as loud as I possibly can!!! GO STARS!!

  3. Thornton Says:

    GO SHARKS!!!!!

  4. Cat Says:

    GO SHARKS!!!!!

    Thanks for playing, try again.

  5. unstableblogger Says:

    It is time for Avery & Otter to make a Thornton sammich….

    I love how people who talk smack wont put in any info. Sissies.

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