Another close game ends in a loss for the Stars

I am running out of nice ways to say we lost.  This was another close one though.  Despite the Flyers taking an early lead, Landon Wilson netted his first goal on the Stars to give the leave the Stars trailing 2-1 after the first period.  In the second, Mike Modano bookended a Flyers goal to head into the 3rd period tied at 3.  But it was Mike Knuble of the Flyers to give them the 4-3 edge that won them the game, despite Brad Richards having an almost completely empty net.  He’s doing what he did in pre-season, he waits and gives the goalie the chance to catch up with the game and make an easy save.  That will not win us hockey games.

Also, if anyone might have missed it, Steve Ott is out a month with a broken hand that he suffered in his fight Saturday.  Sigh.


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One Response to “Another close game ends in a loss for the Stars”

  1. Lori Says:

    I’m with you. There’s just no fun being at the bottom. I really don’t see how it could possibly get worse.

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