Liveblog: Stars vs. Oilers 11/30/08

Why not, I have nothing else to do today.  Might as well share the pain with all the other Stars fan out there.  Liveblog will commense at 4:30, when the pregame starts.

First off, here is some good: 3 Stars players are currently on a point streak

  • Loui Eriksson is on a 4-game point streak, earning 3 goals and 3 assists for 6 points
  • James Neal is on a 2-game point streak with 3 goals
  • Brad Richards is on a 3-game point streak with 1 goal and 3 assists for 4 points

Yes, that is the only positive I can find right now.  See y’all when we play Edmonton.


They mention that Sergei Zubov won’t be playing tonight, out with an undisclosed injury.  Fantastic.  He took that weird hit on the boards last game.  He didn’t practice yesterday.  They mention the trade, and Ludy says his stats tell him he’s somewhat of an offensive minded defenseman and is being brought in to possibly help the offense.  Ugh.  Just what we need.  Razor says the Stars need offense, but they don’t.  They need DECENT DEFENSE!  This is our main failure this season.  Get with the program people.

Crazy hair Ric Renner is holding a mask of Razor on himself.  Wow.  I forgot it’s Ralph and Razor night at the AAC night tonight.  At least Ric Rinner understands it’s about defense.  Why is it he’s the only one who seems to be on my side?  The Stars players seem confident that they can work to get themselves into the playoffs.  Good luck guys, seriously.

Mike Modano has been moved to the wing tonight with Brad Richards at center and Loui Eriksson as the other winger.  Modano seems excited, so hopefully this is a good sign.  He seems a little too happy…..I’m scared.

And now they go to Crazy hair who is with Tippett, and Crazy Hair managed to get him to laugh.  Holy shit.  He talks about how Marty needs to play like a top player.  Which is so true.  Crazy hair mentions that when both he and Tippett wear blue they are undefeated.  Oi.  Don’t say shit like that.

And here we go…..ugh.


20:00: Richards, Modano and Eriksson make up the opening line and Oilers start with the faceoff win.

19:30: They have Robi back with Grossman I notice as Grossman lets the puck go through his legs.

19:00: Second line is out now, Ribeiro with Avery and Neal.  Sydor and Daley on the blueline.

17:50: Janik is out with Niskanen.  Petersen, Conner and Parrish is the third line tonight.

17:10: 4th line is out. Barchie and Wilson with Ribeiro, since we really only have 3 centers tonight with Mo on the wing.  Brunnstrom hasn’t been out yet…so I wonder where they plan on putting him since he’s on the list to play tonight.

15:42: I can hear a few cheers when Marty Turco stops a shot from the Oilers.  Baby steps.

15:09: Stars are taking a penalty, Ribeiro to be exact for hooking.  Robot Ref is on tonight.  At least that is something to make me smile about tonight.  He makes me laugh.

14:45: Ralph mentions the Stars are the only NHL team that hasn’t scored an shorthanded goal after what was almost a rush between Eriksson and Richards.  On the bright side, we are also the only team that hasn’t allowed a short-handed goal.  Which is unbelieveable with the way we’re playing.

14:10: Horcoff gets a shot but the post was there to make the save.

13:27: Neal steals the puck from Edmonton and tries to get towards the net, only to draw a hi-sticking penalty.  Good boy Nealsie.

13:00: Ralph informs me during our PP that we have yet to have a shot.  Fantastic.

12:40: Ribeiro takes the puck behind teh net to Modano and the Oilers goalie stops it, and I don’t know HOW but the puck gets into the net.

In replay I see he blocks the initial shot and the rebound flies up off his head and arm and into the net.  Ribeiro finds it and knocks it into the goalie, who is now IN the net.  Play is under review, btw.  Robot Ref tells us it IS a good goal.  Bless you robot ref.  Weirdest. Goal. Ever.

12:30: With that goal, Ralph tells us that with the assist, it is Modano’s 1,299th point.  Come on Mo!

11:30: Damn that arena is empty.

11:10ish?: Barch and Stortini are going at it.  Barch loves fighting with people with mullets and pornstaches.  This is a long ass fight.  They’re mostly just holding onto each other and going in circles.  Barchie looks fucking posessed.

10:50: Razor mentions that some fans are wondering why they aren’t recalling “The fine second-year man Fistric” and mentions him being injured.  I like him refering to him as the “fine second-year man.”  But there is such Fistric hate for some reason I doubt they’d call him up anyway.

10:01: Avery blasts it towards the net and broke his stick.  Nice shot though.

9:46: Avery gets back with a new stick just in time to shoot it again and it goes into the netting (the one above the glass)

9:17: Fabian Brunnstrom is finally on the ice.

8:55: And the Stars are taking a holding penalty.  Bad Sydor.  I don’t like hearing Sydor as number 55.  It’s just not right.

8:20: Robi chips the puck away from an Oiler and him, Richards and Eriksson get a 3-on-2 towards the Edmonton net.  Richards shot it but Goalie D’ (the Edmonton Goalie, I can’t be bothered to type his entire name out) stopped it.

6:54: And the penalty is killed successfully.  Thank god.  Razor mentions the Stars haven’t even allowed an Oilers shot while on the power play.

5:59: Conner brings the puck out from behind the net while the Oilers are on a delayed penalty and passes it to Niskanen, who shoots it and Petersen gets the tip in to make it 2-0 Dallas.  What is this?

5:15: Hemsky gets in front and tries to shoot out and while flailing on the ice, Turco stops play.

4:43: Sean Avery skates right into the Oilers zone for another shot.  He’s playing pretty well this game, he’s earning a lot of chances.

2:15: Eriksson just got a NICE steal from one of the Oilers.  He is really maturing into a fantastic NHL player.

05: Conner just knocked a very nice shot by laying on the ice.  He doesn’t take up much room on the ice, but just enough!

00: Stars end the period up 2-0.  Who would’ve though?


So I will use this to show this


That pretty much sums up the start the Stars have had.  WOW from being shocked that it’s so awful.  And the two LOL’s because now all we can do is laugh.

The Ranger highlights make me laugh, well Lundqvist’s fit when he was pulled makes me laugh.  Oh Henrik.  But I guess I’d be pissed too if the PANTHERS got 3 past me.


18:55: Cole from the Oilers got a nice shot but Turco got just enough of it to send it past the net to keep the Oilers scoreless.

17:45: “Avery regains his twig” is what Ralphie says.  Is it just me or does that sound incredibly dirty?

17:37: HEEEE Take that Oilers, YOU GOT KNOCKED OVER BY MIDGET!!  MIDGETATED! Take that all you people who said Conner was too little to play in the NHL!  He’ll knock your ass DOWN!

16:28: Oilers are taking a holding penalty.  Hee.  Aw but it’s not Robot Ref telling me about it :( Bill sounds so excited about the Oilers penalty, as he always does.

16:12: Moreau and Horcoff get a nice 2-on-1 attempt on the PK but Turco makes the stop.  Thank goodness.

15:15: Okay Stars, YOU are on the power play, stop letting the Oilers have control of the puck.

11:20: The Petersen, Conner, Parrish line is doing pretty well for themselves this game.  Great when they get into the offensive zone and great helping out the D while defending.

10:20: And they’re still out there, because the Oilers had a nice long posession.

9:22: The Oilers are really stepping up their game and Turco has been there to protect our 2 goal lead.

9:05: Damn Ribeiro’s ability with the puck still amazes me.  I don’t know how the fucker does it.

8:28: Turco stops play and Grossman goes into the box for holding.

7:49: The Oilers are keeping their power play simple and it proves to work, Hemsky gets one in to make it 2-1.  Please, Stars, do not start panicing like you usually do.

7:11: I notice Ralphie always uses the word “scooting” when talking about Conner going into the zone.  I’m surprised he hasn’t just started calling him Scooter.

5:46: Stars are back on the power play due to a delay of game penalty on Edmonton.  Good.

4:22: Niskanen shoots, Goalie D stops it and Richards shoots the rebound from his knees but Goalie D is in exactly the right spot to make the save.

3:30: Niskanen, I swear.  Let’s a guy shoot the puck into our zone right through his legs then just watches him skate past him then tries to chase him down.  THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DEFEND YOUR GOAL!

00: The Stars finally got their asses in gear the last 30 seconds of the period, still 2-1.


Razor is talking to Mr. Happy himself, Darryl Sydor.  Razor seems amused that they are showing the World Aquarium while going to commercial break.  So purdy.

That’s all I got.  This finish this shit.


17:34: Nothing of much interest has happened much.  Just a bunch of back and forth between zones.

15:39: Oilers make it 2-2 with a goal from a rebound.  GAHH

13:44: Fabian Brunnstrom hasn’t been on the ice since his one and only shift in the first period.

10:39: Edmonton gets an interference penalty, I’ll take it.

8:59: Neal gets a nice shot at Goalie D, but he got it.

8:40: The Stars are getting some great chances at the end of the PP. Why couldn’t you do that the entire 2 minutes?

6:49: I’m really tired of Goalie D stopping everything, especially when the puck he stopped would’ve put Mo at 1,300 career points. >:(


4:45: Neal gets an assist on Avery’s goal which leaves his point streak in tact.  Richards assist on the first goal keeps his alive as well.

3:57: oh MY.  Oilers had an empty net with Turco ‘floundering’ on the ice, but the Stars were there to support and get it out.  Thank goodness.

3:22ish: Oilers get a shot off the face off which Turco stops, but the Oilers get it in on the rebound.  Tied again at 3.

2:49: Ribeiro gets hooked and are going on another power play.  *crosses fingers* (Where did Robot Ref go?)

2:21: Richards sneaks one to Mo who slams it in to make it 4-3 and gets his 1,300th career point!!!

1:41: Eriksson got the 2nd assist, which extends his point streak to 5 games.

54: WTF?  Goalie D stops the puck then comes out of his net and hits Petersen in the face!  WTF IS THAT?

22: Oilers finally get out of their own zone and pull Goalie D.

00: THANK GOD WE WON ONE!! And this makes the 7th straight win over the Oilers.  WE PWN YOU!


Most of the talk so far is about Modano getting his 1300th point.  I so proud of him.  I am proud he’s American.  AWW THEY SHOWED THE INJURED PEOPLE BY THE LOCKER ROOM IN THEIR TUXES!  Brenden look so good.

Razor mentions that Miek Modano’s goal set 4 club records: goals, points, game winning goals and power play goals.

Ric Renner is standing by with BRENDEN MORROW!  He asks about his surgery and how he’s doing.  Brenden says good, swelling is down and he’s having surgery Tuesday.  Brenden talks about wanting to be out there to play to help try to get them through this struggling time.  Why you have to mention the wrist thing Crazy Hair?  He mentions he’ll be around a lot more through his injury than he was when he hurt his wrist, so hopefully that will help.  Brenden mentions he has playoffs down in his calender to be able to come back and play with the team.  WIN FOR BRENDEN STARS!!

Rhadigan mentions Chris Conner having a fantastic game tonight, I agree.  100%  And time to chat with with Modano about his 1300 points.  Like the goal scoring record, he said he just wanted to get it over with.  I guess that was just something else hanging on his shoulders.  He just said power play funny. Heh.

Now Crazy Hair is talkin with Toby Petersen.  Oh the accent.  OOT!

The Three Stars of the game are

  1. Mike Ribeiro
  2. Kyle Broadziak
  3. Mike Modano

Seriously Dan McDowell from The Ticket?  Are you stupid?  I love Ribeiro, he had a good game, but Modano not only had more points, a better +/- and more shots but he also got to 1300.  You are crazy.  Here are the REAL 3 Stars of the game, as far as I’m concerned

  1. Mike Modano
  2. Kyle Broadziak
  3. Sean Avery

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One Response to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Oilers 11/30/08”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Yay, a win! I was trying to follow along at work today, but the students have been keeping me crazy busy with questions. (Final paper must be due soon). I was so sad when I looked up and it was tied again after Avery’s goal. Mad props to Modano.

    One game at a time…

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