Avery vs. Bettman – Thursday

Sean Avery and co-idiotmanager Brett Hull will be meeting have their hearing with Gary Bettman Thursday morning in NYC.  At least we’ll know tomorrow morning what exactly will become of Avery, at least from the NHL’s view.  There is still much to be said about his status on the Dallas Stars.

(yay i can finally update at the office)



2 Responses to “Avery vs. Bettman – Thursday”

  1. Sarah Says:

    His status on the team is much more interesting. The NHL is just going to say what they’ve been saying: look dude, publicity is good and all, but we don’t want the kind you are bringing. They don’t do much more. If they do, they are ridiculous. Kick a guy out for making an off-color joke, but let someone like Bertuzzi back in even though he almost killed a guy? I don’t even think Bettman is stupid enough to not see that a mile away.

    But what on Earth are the Stars going to do with him now? That’s what I’m curious about. If the media hadn’t made such a deal, they would have sucked it up and dealt with it quietly. But now, with Turco’s downright hostile comments, they have to do something. The team’s dislike for the guy can’t be dismissed away. It’s public and on tape and we’ve all seen it.

  2. Jen Says:

    Oh most definitely, his status on the team is what I am most interested in. It was quite obvious from both Modano and Turco’s comments that he wasn’t too welcome in the locker room this season.

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