It’s gettin’ juicy

It seems everything Hull himself tried to cover up about problems behind the scenes in the locker room might actually be true.  Heika over at the Dallas Morning News Stars Blog posted this juicy quote from Tippett:

“My job is to build the best team possible. I don’t know if we can build the best team possible with Sean coming back.”

Of course, I can’t personaly say if he is saying this because of Avery’s recent antics, or because he’s felt this way the entire season but it looks like the dislike for Avery by coaches and teammates is starting to surface in every way possible.  What is Mr. Hicks going to do?  Most think Avery’s time as a Star is done.

UPDATE; It’s getting even juicier.  Heika elaborated on his intial post, and it seems before all this went down Tippett asked Avery is he was going to talk to the media.  Avery told both Tippett and the Stars PR staff no, so Tippett went to the media and backed up Avery, defending him.  Only to have Avery do what he did afterwards.  What a way to disrespect the Stars and Tippett.



One Response to “It’s gettin’ juicy”

  1. Shawn Haggarty Says:

    Avery is classless, Hull spent his own hockey career being outspoken but rarely went over the line. Hull thought he could control Avery. Two ego’s collide. Send Avery to the minors and let him languish there.

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