Anonymous Stars quotes regarding Avery

TSN has posted an interesting article, in which 3 Stars players are quoted on their opinions on Avery.  The Stars, however, remain nameless.  But I think this says it all.

“We hope it’s the last time we ever see him,” says one veteran.

Wow.  Those are some strong words. 

“Our locker room is the happiest it has been all year right now,” says another player.

This is something I honestly believe.  You can tell by their on-camera interviews after the Calgary game that the rumors of bad blood in the locker room were in fact reality.

“An apology (to the team) won’t work,” says a third player.  “There isn’t much he can say to change the way we feel right now.  We have a lot of pride in this organization.  He isn’t welcome here anymore.”

And last but not least,  apparently Sean Avery is stupid.

“He’s been undermining everything we do,” says the veteran.  “He doesn’t pay attention; he’s not smart enough to play our system.  He can’t do some drills properly.  He says it’s because he’s ‘independent.’
Really, he’s just not smart enough.”



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