Avery’s hearing is complete

According to NHL.com, the meeting is finished, but no verdict yet.

Check back for updates as news is released

1:19pm: TSN is reporting that a decision is expected later today or Friday morning.

There is also video on NHL.com of Avery leaving NHL headquarters.

2pm: NHL.com has posted an update that Bettman is expected to speak about the Avery situtation on his XM show this afternoon.  It also includes this quote from Brett Hull

“Well I certainly have no quotes for you; but he was remorseful in what he did and that’s about all you can do,” Hull said.

3pm: Here is what Healy (the PA representative) had to say about the hearing

“Sean got a chance to explain some different things, I think he was excellent,” Healy said. “He was apologetic and from a players’ standpoint, he laid out his side of things pretty well. But it’s pretty clear he’s sorry for the incident and at the end of the day, he’s a good player. He’s one of Dallas’ top two forwards and he’s a good kid. There’s a lot of good things and he probably wishes that the incident never happened.”

One of our top two forwards?  really?  This is news to me.

4pm: Seems nothing of interest was really said during Gary Bettman’s NHL show.

“We had a hearing with Sean Avery this morning which was well chronicled by the media.” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said on his XM Radio show, NHL Hour with Gary Bettman. “Off the bat, what I need to say is I haven’t made a decision yet. I want to take the opportunity to think about what transpired at the meeting, everything I was told and needs to be considered. I want to reflect on it, which means either sometimes later this afternoon or tomorrow morning we will render a decision and I will make it public.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

4:30pm: EJ Hradek reported on ESPN news that Bettman plans to sleep on it before making his decision.  Guess that means I’m waking up early tomorrow…

6:15pm: Looks like sending Avery to Manitoba is out of the question

Moose owner Mark Chipman tells TSN, ”We wouldn’t take him under any circumstance.”

I guess the challange now will be to find an AHL team who would take on Avery, since the Stars have no direct AHL affiliate this season.



4 Responses to “Avery’s hearing is complete”

  1. Lori Says:

    Before I even read your comment, I stopped at “He’s one of Dallas’ top two forwards” and went WTF? I’m with you, that’s news to me too!! I think I’d place most of Dallas’ forwards above him anyday.

  2. Myra Says:

    Yea, I nearly choked on that “top two forwards” comment when I was reading that NHL story. In what universe?

  3. Kristine Says:

    I don’t think there’s a team in America – AHL, NHL, or elsewhere – who really want him right now.

    Chels and I have joked that we would trade him for a bag of cookies, but I think at this point we’d have to be the ones offering cookies. “If you take Avery, we’ll make you cookies!”

    Somehow I doubt that would work.

  4. Adam Says:

    He is definately NOT one of our top two forwards . James Neal is FAR better than Avery will EVER be and I still would not classify Neal as one of our top two forwards (definately a rising star , but still not top two) .

    At this point I would trade Avery for a sack of wooden nickels but making cookies for the other team who did take him , might not be a bad idea . After all , he seems excellent at breaking up a good thing and nothing makes people feel better than gorging themselves on good chocolate chip cookies .

    I just hope somebody will take his useless carcass off our hands with out us having to buy out his contract . I think it is a sad day for the NHL when even an AHL team refuses to take somebody like him because the NHL DID take him .

    Maybe the Russians could straighten him out .

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