That just happened

I’m sure the Detroit Red Wings and their fans are wondering “what the fuck just happened?”  THAT.  THAT JUST HAPPENED!  Despite being about as injury depleted as a team can be, the Stars defeated their greatest rivals in their first meeting since the Western Conference Finals last May.

This was a win I don’t think anyone thought the Stars would get.  The Wings are second in the league and a good team while the Stars are sitting at the bottom of the West and would be playing without yet another player.  I guess this was all the motivation the Stars needed to get this win.

Lebda got the scoring started in the first period, but that would be the only goal Turco would allow past him.  Despite not getting on the board in the first period and not being able to cash in on a lengthly 5-on-3 at the end of the first period and beginning of the second, I thought the Stars were playing solid.  Then just under 6 minutes into the second, Tom Wandell got his first NHL goal with a backhand shot in front of Conklin.  A shot the Detroit D should’ve had and Conklin should’ve stopped.  Then under 2 minutes later, our other rookie swede Brunnstrom got a goal of his own down the middle of the ice.  As Razor put it, it went right through Conkin like a wet bar of soap.  That’s when the Stars locked it down.  They rallied, kept their game simple and helped protect their net.  Then Ribeiro sealed the deal with an empty netter.  It was…amazing.  The team was great and Marty was fantabulous.  Could this game alone mark the turn around for this team?  We’ve always struggled against the Red Wings, but this game was huge for our team and it’s confidence.   I am just so excited I don’t even know what to do.  Being at this game was amazing, especially getting to see the annoyance on all the Detroit Red Wings fans faces!

Let’s go Stars.  You can do it.

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2 Responses to “That just happened”

  1. Lori Says:

    Being there was just awesome!! There were several red jerseys sitting around me & it was great to wave “bye-bye” & say “Merry Christmas” to them after Ribeiro’s empty net goal!! I texted several friends afterwards with the score & most replied “WTF?” I think they thought I was drunk!

  2. Myra Says:

    We were surrounded by Red Wings and had the U of M alumni group taking up most of the section across the isle from me. In the beginning it was very uncomfortable. By the end, we were noticeably louder. Just me and Hub! :P As the alumni were leaving, one lady said loudly, “Yea, they are still last place.” I came this close to replying, “Yea, and that last place team just whipped your butt, b—!” But since we were severely out numbered, I decided against it.

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