The Avery difference

I am planning on this being my last post on Sean Avery on this blog for a while (until they announce what exactly they’re going to do with him, of  course).  But the difference between the Stars records with and without Sean is quite astounding.

Sean Avery played 23 games in a Stars uniform.

Games with Avery – 8-11-4
Games w/out Avery – 4-3

That is one game over .500 for those games without.  I know, that’s a 16 game difference, but the first 7 games with Avery the Stars had a record of 2-4-1

Of course, it’s not fair or realistic to put all the blame on Avery, but the numbers, I think, reflect on the negative impact he had on the team both on the ice and in the locker room.



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