Happy New Years Stars Fans!!!

The game will have it’s own review posted, now that I’m recovered from the awesome day and NYE in general.

First off, HOW BOUT THEM STARS?  What a way to start off 2009, FINALLY out of the Pacific Division basement!  and only 2 points out of a playoff spot.  This pretty much makes my year.  I guess that isn’t hard, since it’s only January 2nd, but still!

Other quick news, the Dallas Stars recalled Chris Conner yesterday.  I am very excited.  He will come in handy, to have some fresh legs in the back to back games with Edmonton and Vancouver this weekend.


3 Responses to “Happy New Years Stars Fans!!!”

  1. Lori Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The NYE game was just awesome. It’s so nice to have more positives than negatives. Now, I know they have more battles ahead, BUT they simply MUST win Jan. 17th because it’s my birthday & I’ll be at the game! I Love My Stars!!

  2. Kristine Says:

    Happy New Year! :D

    I didn’t get to see most of the game because I was at work, and my DVR had a “doh!” moment and didn’t record it. But yay for a big win!

  3. Myra Says:

    Hey Jen, I just read that they will probably be calling Fistric back up in the next week or so. They were just wanting to get a look at how Vish was developing. If you can’t see Morrow playing, at least having Conner and Fistric back will be nice for you! ;)

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