Liveblog: NHL All-Star Game

So, the game will begin in 30 minutes, and here is where you can find The Shootout’s liveblog.  I had precious obligations, so I was unable to blog about the events yesterday, which was fantastic.  Mostly thanks in part to Ovechkin and his hat and sunglasses during the breakaway competition.

Check back after the first period!  But while you’re waiting, feel free to listen to Marc Savard’s interview with Versus.  Savard was awesome miced up during the Super Skills competition.

Here it is, the 2009 NHL All-Star Game.  I’m oddly excited for it this year, I’m not quite sure why though.  Bring on the game! (Let’s go West!)

Playing a violin upside down and doing flips?  Now that’s impressive!  Good job Montreal!  Best intro to the All-Star I’ve seen.  Was that man in the hoop supposed to be a puck?  Wrong color guys.

1st period

20:00: And at 5:35, the game is finally underway!

19:15: The East got a nice shot in on Giggy.  And they inform us that Marc Savard is miced up again.  Yay!  That makes me excited.  He was good last night being miced up.

18:44: Tkachuck gets the first goal of the game! 1-0 West! (WOO!)

17:29: Learn West, pass it to Mike Modano!

17:15: They mention Robi being drafted with Montreal, and that he used to be paired with Souray, who is he with tonight, when he played with the Canadiens.

16:57: Speak of the Devil, Robi just got a shot on Price!

13:34: And everyone’s favorite Russian makes it 1-1.  Poor Goalies.

12:53: Versus mentions Modano thinking of his first All-Star game, which was the last time it was held in Montreal in 1993.  He came in 2nd in hardest shot that year and said no one ever remembers the second place.  THAT’A BOY MO!  I’ll remember now

11:00: Just a quick mention, though this won’t be posted until after the first period is over; if you don’t have VS from your local cable company (call and ask for it if you don’t!), you can catch the game on 1310 The Ticket.

10:30: Staal makes it 2-1 East.  Someone do something funny.

10:00: I’m out of Bagel Crisps, if someone could bring me some between periods, I’d appreciate it.  I would like the garlic kind please.

9:25: Have I mentioned how much I dislike commercials?  I do.

Will take this time to mention that so far, East leads in shots 7-4.

9:11: What was that West? (I can’t see your name!)

8:20: That was a nice pokecheck West!  (I CAN’T SEE YOUR NAMES OR NUMBERS!!)

7:16: Giggy just made a GREAT save on Carter from the East!  WOO!

6:17: Aw! ROBI HIT THE POST!  And they talk about Robi and how great it is that he is in the game.  I AGREE!!

5:05: Come on Getzlaf! (This is the only time I’ll be rooting for you and your bald spot)

3:26: Kovalev gets a breakaway and makes it 3-1 East. BOO!!

1:24: Will take this commercial break to update that shots are tied at 9.

:36: And it’s 4-1 East.  You’re making us look bad Giggy.  Not. Cool.

:11: Woo!!!  Marleau cuts the lead in half, 4-2 East!

:00: Marc Savard is no longer miced after the first period, who might be next?!

1st Intermission

Interview with Sheldon Souray (or Studly Wonderbomb, as Razor calls him).

Someone buy me NHL 2K9 for my Wii. I’d appreciate it.

They show Price getting everyone to sign his goalie stick.  I think it’s so awesome the players get each others autographs.

And time for an interview with Ovie, who jokes about big hits.

2nd Period

20:00: Martin St. Louis is miced up for the second period.

18:39: And St. Louis makes it 5-2 East.

18:00: Lundy is in for the East, and Backstrom for the West.

17:49: Parise makes it 6-2 East.  Ugh.

17:30: Why have only Eastern Conference people been miced up?  Yesterday they had Savard and Parise, so far today Savard (again) and St. Louis.  Not cool guys.  Give the West some lovins.

16:31: Studly Wonderbomb makes it 6-3, lead cut in half again.  Come on guys.

14:46: WOO 6-4! Good job Boyle, even if you are a Shark.

13:50: WOO TALKING TO ROBI!!!!  Talking about growing up loving the Canadiens.  And I just noticed Robi isn’t wearing the full mask tonight.  YOU ALL BEHAVE AND DON’T HURT MY ROBI!!

During the commercial they show a preview for Willa Ford’s new movie. (Mike Modano’s wife!)

12:39: St. Louis hit’s the post and Backstrom keeps it out!

12:15: Well Malkin just got fancy, making it 7-4 from between his legs.

11:40: Versus talks to Carey Price, who said he just talked to him mom on the phone (when asked who he was talking to).  So precious.

11:33: Rich Nash gets a breakaway and makes it 7-5.

10:58: WOO 7-6!!!!  Thank you Lundy!!


6:24: Kovalev gets a breakaway and makes it 8-7.  Great play though!

5:14: Kovalev goes for the hat trick but hits the pipe.  (At least we’re still only 1 goal behind)

3:20: No one has brought me bagel chips yet.  Not cool.

3:14: I’ll take a goal instead!!  8-8!!

2:13: Kane had a great chance in front of Henrik, only couldn’t get it into the net to take the lead.

1:35: Backstrom seems to be getting better as the game goes on.  He just made a great save.  Too bad he’s done after this period.

:00: Second is over with the score tied at 8!

2nd Intermission

They are interviewing Tim Thomas about how his mother couldn’t be there last year due to a battle with breast cancer, but is there tonight.  That is great for him.

And now Versus is reviewing their top 10 plays of the year.  Let’s see if any Stars plays make this cut… considering our season I’m guessing no.  And my guess was correct.  But on the plus side, we weren’t on the negative side of the plays.

And time to interview Luongo, who has been out injured a lot…

My entire third period liveblog has disappeared?!?!  That is not friggin cool.   AT ALL!!!!

So here’s OT and the Shootout.


5:00: This is the 5th OT game in All-Star history.  WOO LET THIS SHIT BEGIN!

4:16: Kovalev had a chance but hit the post!  Sucks to be you! (That’s mean.  I don’t mean it Russian man)

Thomas made a FANTASTIC save to keep the East in it.  So great, it even earned a very loud cheer from the Habs crowd.

2:28: And believe it or NOT, there is a HOOKING PENALTY ON THE EAST!!!  HOLY CRAP!  First penalty since the game in 2000.

Who said the All-Star game isn’t exciting?!

:28: Nothing doing on the power play

:00: WE’RE GOING TO A SHOOTOUT!  Fantastic.


  1. Lecavalier up first, and Luongo makes the save!!
  2. Shane Doan, who won last night in the shootout event is up, but Thomas makes the save.
  3. Kovalev up 2nd for the East, and gets it in!  Hometown hero tonight?  Possibly!
  4. Rich Nash up for
    the West, and misses.
  5. Mr. Ovechkin up, and gets it in.  East wins in the shootout.  Sigh.

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