Shit bout to go down

It was a great 4-2 win for the Stars, but tonight, rumors about something about to go down in Montreal is all the buzz.

You can read a little about it on Mirtle’s site From The Rink.

Pensblog is reporting that Quebec radio stations are saying PD is waiting for the Habs to land.

UH OH FOLKS!  Get your popcorn.



2 Responses to “Shit bout to go down”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’m calling it now: organized crime or drug trafficking. A little cocaine here and there has been pretty standard in Montreal (and a lot, if not all, of the NHL) for a looooong time. It has to be substantial to bring this much attention.

    And Mathieu Schneider just got there, so they can’t blame him! =)

  2. Sarah Says:

    DUDE! I just read the update on Mirtle’s site:

    “UPDATE has more on this now, essentially reporting that the Kostitsyns are linked with ‘a suspected member of organized crime’ named Mangiola Pasquale who was arrested for drug trafficking. The police have several conversations recorded between Pasquale and the Kostitsyns and he’s described as their ‘great friend.’ ”

    Looks like I may have called it right on both counts. What do I win? =)

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