Liveblog: Stars vs. Sharks 02/23/09

So it’s no secret, my updates have definitely not been up to par lately.  I blame this on one thing; one word with 10 letters.  Addiction.  Yes, my friends I have developed a very unhealthy addiction to something called the Wii.  I have decided that the system is extremely evil (butomgiloveitsomuch), especially when playing a game that involves Yoshi.

So, here is a liveblog to force me to update as the Sharks visit Dallas.  The NHL is on Versus and The Shootout.

Before the game even starts, we get bad news the Mo is a late scratch with the flu.  This does not bode well for a team already missing 3 big names.

1st period
Stars start with Parrish, Sutherby and Neal. That seems..interesting.

19:06: At least one line is still in tact, Ribbons with Lehts and Otter.

17:40: Oh Roenacker.  I forgot about you.

16:28: *clap clap* *clap clap* I miss games at the AAC.

16:00: Do my eyes deceive me?  Did I just see Nisky check someone?  I’m in shock.  And in need of more Red Bull.

15:00: Eriksson is out with Brunnstrom and Petersen in the middle.  That could be a promising line!  Toby’s been playing pretty well lately.

14:00: Lundy just went to check a Jaws player and got knocked to the ice.  No hurt yourself Lundy.

13:35: And Lundy is heading to the box for a holding the stick penalty.

And Versus is mentioning Toby’s diabetes.  I’m glad she doesn’t make it seem like the world is going to end like Barbera Walters with Nick Jonas.

12:02: Turco just clears the puck himself.  The Stars aren’t giving them any room at all.  The Sharks are using a shoot it in and go get it play, and the Stars are just getting it right back out before they get the chance to set up.

11:05: And the Sharks take a very stupid STUPID penalty of Too Many Men.

TIME FOR A DALLAS STARSSSSSS POWER PLAY! *clap clap* *clap clap* [Insert crazy Raving Rabbids dance here]

9:05: Penalty is killed by the Sharks.  Lucky you, your coach wouldn’t be too pleased.

8:25: Fistric makes a good play to get the puck up to a breaking Mark Parrish, but Nabokov gets some balls and comes out of his net to handle the puck.

Ooh shiny.

7:34: The VS announcers are now mentioning the greatness of Sawada and his first NHL goal in his first NHL game on his BDAY!

6:42: Holy hell, how did Nabokov get that save?  Loui Eriksson in CLOSE and a scramble but Loui keeps it out.  Stars are going hard at the net.

5:04: Let’s not remind me of the trade deadline coming up.  I have yet to have trade nightmares like I did last season and I’d really like it to stay that way.

3:25: “Kick save and a good one by Nabokov.” I can hear “KICK SAVE AND A BEAUTY” in my head.  I miss you Razor.

2:38: Tripping penalty on Marty.  TSK TSK MARTY. You better be good.  Otter serving the penalty.  Why?  Why put one of our best penalty killers in the box?

1:04: Hey Bill, how much time’s left?

38: Stars kept the shots from the Sharks at nil during that PK.  Very well done.

12: And after the penalty is killed Stars really start attacking.

00: 0-0 going into the intermission.  Stars are really holding their own.

1st intermission
Will spend this time charging my Wii controllers.

Versus shows an updated conference update, Stars are holding in 7th.

Why does the “money you could be saving with Geico” never come to visit me?

2nd period
Sutherby comes up and knocks Michalek to the ice.  good boy Sutherby, good boy. And said Sharkie takes a high-sticking penalty.

18:44: Stars got 4 or 5 good chances in a row, but Nabokov and his limbs are there to stop them all.

18:03: Damn, Brunnstrom got a great shot and at the last second Nabokov does a goalie roll and stops it.

16:10: James Neal ability to keep the puck never ceases to amaze me.  So good for a rookie.

14:24: Fistric hi-sticks Pavelski (who cares) and gets 2 minutes.   Boo.

12:24: Thank goodness penalty is killed.

12:00: Marty might’ve sold it a bit, but Plihal is taking 2 minutes for goalie interference.

10:00: Despite some great chances, score is still 0-0 halfway through.

And Sharkie coach is calling out his players saying they’re lucky to have Nabokov.  OOOOH.  Dissssss.

7:20: Stars are still pwning the Sharks as far as puck posession.  Good boys.

3:02: So far, the Stars have held the Sharks to only 12 shots.  They’re really on the ball tonight.  Thank goodness after Saturday’s disaster.

00: Still 0-0.

2nd intermission
Razor will be interviewing Brian Sutherby during this intermission. Yes, I turned on WBAP instead of watching the Versus intermission report.  Far more interesting, sorry Versus.  They mention Mo being out and how great the Stars are being on the PK.  In short, Sutherby says they are just trying to keep it simple, and it seems to be working.

I start paying attention to VS just as they start interviewing Otter.  They  mention to Otter he seems to be the new “guy you love to hate” and he is extremely pleased with himself.  You go Otter.

Now will spend the rest of the intermission listening to Tinted Windows.

3rd period
At least Versus is giving the Stars some kudos.  Well deserved Kudos, I might add.

15:32: Sutherby gets a great chance, but Nabokov shuts him down.  Get out of the way Nabby.

13:20: Marty made a great save to keep it at nil.

12:10: You can tell there are some tired legs on the ice so both teams get in a change.

12:05: Setoguchi gets in practically un-challanged and makes it 1-0.  That’s okay Stars.  You can get it back.

11:45: Stars get into the Sharks zone and are falling all over the place.  CALM YOURSELVES!!!

11:44: Ex-Star Lukowich take a penalty, and Stars hit it off the post.  GRRAR!

10:00: Craziness in front of the net.  Brunnstrom trying to get the puck into the net, even if he has to push Nabby in too and Neal helping from his ass.

9:30: Pavelski gets a breakaway but Turco has the answer.

7:50: Brunnstrom is working his huge ass off to try to even this game up. Please let him score before his ass completely disappears. I can see it getting smaller by the shift.

3:45: Stars are really going hard now.  You can do this.

2:20: Fabian’s pants are practically falling off now.  Come on.

1:17: Empty net.  Eek.  That always makes me nervous.

1:03: Stars took a timeout.  Dear god here we go.

03: Stars get a nice shot off, which the Sharks block.

00: Sharks get a very undeserved win.

How did I not notice the Toby Petersen left the game?  Fuck.  Just what we need.  More injuries.  I do hope he’s okay. He played just under 5:50 in the game.

The Stars really missed Modano in the face-off circle, winning only 19 of 43.  Ribeiro played an insane 23 minutes, something incredibly huge for such a forward.  Only the D-pair of Robidas and Daley played more.  Mark Fistric also made his presence known with 5 hits, 4 blocked shots.  His time in Manitoba definitely helped.  Here’s hoping he’s here to stay for a while.

Three Stars of the game in my opinion would be Nabokov (the only Sharks player who deserves to be on there.  He stole that game for them), Brian Sutherby (6 SOG, 1 hit, 1 blocked shot) and Marty Turco.

Official 3 Stars

  1. Evgeni Nabakov
  2. Brian Sutherby
  3. Devin Setoguchi

What? No Brad May?  Getting the only goal shouldn’t classify you as a star of the game.

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2 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Sharks 02/23/09”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    “How did I not notice the Toby Petersen left the game? Fuck. Just what we need. More injuries.” Seriously? Arggg. Hope it’s nothing serious… we’re getting dangerously close to running out of centers.

    “Brunnstrom is working his huge ass off to try to even this game up.” “Brian Sutherby (6 SOG, 1 hit, 1 blocked shot)” I vote we keep these two together. Against a non-retarded goalie, they’d probably have 2 or 3 goals each.

  2. Jen Says:

    I think Sutherby and Brunnstrom are definitely a great match. They need to keep Eriksson with him too

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