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I just have one question..

March 28, 2009

Why?  What did the Stars do to the Hockey Gods to deserve such a fate this season?

I know you shouldn’t use injuries as an excuse, but it’s getting to the point that what else can you say?

As if we didn’t already have enough injures this season, we lose Daley and Barch Thursday and Fistric and Robidas tonight.

It’s too much.  Was it because we signed Sean Avery?  Evil.

Liveblog: Stars vs. Kings 03/26/09 Happy Edition

March 26, 2009

You can pretty much count on these for every game remaining this season (unless a personal obligation gets in the way).  Prepare for another interesting/close game between these 2 teams.

1st period

Positive #1: Daley was at least able to leave the ice upright.

Positive #2: Kings take a penalty.  WOO!! (bout 15:00)

Positive #3: Stars managed to kill the Kings power play.  Phew

Positive #4: Fishsticks out with Robi!!!!

Positive #5: Wandell smiling at the camera.  <3

Positive #6: Kings take another penalty! (7:05)

Positive #7: Barchie finally fighting with Ivanans after he knocked Daley out of the game.


End of the season predictions

March 24, 2009

I got bored after the 5-2 loss (blech) and decided to just sit down, and predict who I think will be in the playoffs this year.

I’m pretty sure I’m wrong, I usually am.  But here it is, nonetheless.

We’ll see in 3 weeks how I measured up.

(I only did the Western Conference cause I could really care less about the East.)


Liveblog: Stars vs. Canucks 03/24/09, Happy edition

March 24, 2009

So, I am going to liveblog the game, but only mention the positives so it’ll be a tad different.

Might be the shortest liveblog ever.

They start with a mention of Tippett and him being safe.  As Rhadigan said “as he should be” should be included in any mention of that.  Period.

Razor is interviewing Robi, one of the few players who leaves everything he has on the ice.  Robi speaks of his infinite wisdom.  Listen grasshoppers.

Postive #1: Robi’s nose is still in tact.

1st period
Positive #2:
Luongo took a stupid pill and played the puck in the corner at 19:19.  Penalty on Vancouver

Positive #3: Begin has returned to the lineup

Postive #4: Brendan Morrison makes it 1-0 Stars, with assists from Fistric and Begin.

Positive #5: That was Morrison’s 500th NHL point, against his old team.  Good job Sonny.

Positive #6: Swede-tastic line of Lundy, Brunnstrom and Wandell.

Positive #7: Fishsticks pushes and holds Burrows on the boards(10:33).  I still hate Burrows from the 07 Playoffs.

Positive #8: Otter is getting Burrows, which pleases me greatly.  (8:02)

Positive #9: Otter half stripping in the penalty box.

Positive #10: Begin returns to the game.  Woo.

Positive #11: Somehow, the Stars managed to outshoot the Canucks 14-7


Should Tippett be fired?

March 24, 2009

With the ups and downs that has been the Stars 08-09 season, many fans are starting to call for Tippett’s head on a platter.  My reply to them: Are you insane?  Might want to put the platter back in the cupboard. 

I’m not so sure you can blame the Stars shortcomings this season on the coach.  He can only do so much.  Between the Avery experiment in the early months and all the injuries, Tippett seems to have done everything possible other than lacing up himself. 

“Every day is a new challenge. And as a coach, you embrace that challenge and try to get the most out of your team. Some days are a little more challenging than others. Injuries are never an excuse for not trying to be successful.” – Dave Tippett

He’s right.  Injuries are not an excuse for not trying to be successful, so why does it seem everytime a guy goes down the Stars play great one game, then totally fall apart?  I feel he has done everything possible to give the Stars every possible chance to make it to the playoffs again. 

The problem hasn’t been the coaches, it has been stupid mistakes and inability to score when it counts.  It has seemed lately, some (not all) of the players have shown up simply to be there.  What happened to the heart?  What happened to the passion?  It seems the injury bug has deflated most of this team.  They constantly are quoted in saying they are working hard, trying to make the playoffs.  But saying and doing are two different things.  Now is the time they need to believe the words they have been preaching the last few months, the time to show up and get the job done.  For themselves, the coach and the fans.


March 23, 2009

So I have been MIA for most of the month of March, but it seems the Stars have as well.  Other things have kept me busy and unable to watch some of the games, but frankly I’m glad after seeing some of the scores.

This season just isn’t boding well for the team I so adore.  I can’t remember a time when we’ve have injury after injury as we have this season.  Another season with Brenden Morrow and Sergei Zubov, Brad Richards coming back only to hurt his other hand, etc..  I could go on and on and on.  It’s really quite sad.

This team is a really good team, it’s just unfortunate that after having such a great playoff run last year, the next year turns out like this.  Where it’s looking less likely we’ll make the playoffs, for only the second time since moving to Dallas.

I’m not going to give up hope completely, the Stars are 3 points behind Edmonton who are in 8th.  It’s possible, they just can’t afford to lose anymore.  This is it guys.  Show us what you have in you, play for your Captain so he can lace up his skates and lead you to another playoff run.  He deserves that, and so do your fans.

Now that my schedule isn’t as hectic, expect more from me!

PS: Stars called up Wandell from Sweden.

Voices: Ralph Strangis

March 13, 2009

Finally!  Those who have the NHL Network, be sure to tune in Thursday, March 19th for the Ralph episode of Voices!!!

Game recap coming tomorrow (Friday)

Hello from California!

March 5, 2009

I am currently in LA for vacation (and heading to the Stars game tonight), and even though I’m sure everyone saw, the Stars have claimed Brendan Morrison.

I was always slight annoyed by him when we played against him to hear Brendan Morr… and get all excited, only to realize they were talking about the -ison not -ow.  So I will be calling the new Brendan Sonny.  Just cause I can!

It’s nice to keep it all in the family, seeing as Sonny is Razor’s Brother-In-Law!

Peace out, yo

March 3, 2009

The New York Rangers have claimed Sean Avery off waivers.  It wasn’t a secret the Rangers wanted them back.  They were who allowed Avery to go to their farm team. 

Can’t say I’m sad or that I’ll miss him.  Good Riddance.

Jussi Jokinen returns to Finland

March 2, 2009

In extremely sad news, Jussi Jokinen has returned to Finland because of the death of his Father.  This is incredibly sad news and our thoughts are with Jussi and his entire family.