Hello from California!

I am currently in LA for vacation (and heading to the Stars game tonight), and even though I’m sure everyone saw, the Stars have claimed Brendan Morrison.

I was always slight annoyed by him when we played against him to hear Brendan Morr… and get all excited, only to realize they were talking about the -ison not -ow.  So I will be calling the new Brendan Sonny.  Just cause I can!

It’s nice to keep it all in the family, seeing as Sonny is Razor’s Brother-In-Law!

2 Responses to “Hello from California!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Welcome to California, even if you aren’t in the cool part of the state (NorCal rocks!) =P

    I keep telling people that the Stars need Ethan Moreau. Then y’all would have Ethan Moreau, Brendan Morrison, and Brendan Morrow. It would confuse the heck out of everyone.

  2. Tammy Says:

    Well, SoCal is definitely cool right now with the rain.

    And gross–no shadows, thank you, even if it rhymes with our Captain.

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