Liveblog: Stars vs. Canucks 03/24/09, Happy edition

So, I am going to liveblog the game, but only mention the positives so it’ll be a tad different.

Might be the shortest liveblog ever.

They start with a mention of Tippett and him being safe.  As Rhadigan said “as he should be” should be included in any mention of that.  Period.

Razor is interviewing Robi, one of the few players who leaves everything he has on the ice.  Robi speaks of his infinite wisdom.  Listen grasshoppers.

Postive #1: Robi’s nose is still in tact.

1st period
Positive #2:
Luongo took a stupid pill and played the puck in the corner at 19:19.  Penalty on Vancouver

Positive #3: Begin has returned to the lineup

Postive #4: Brendan Morrison makes it 1-0 Stars, with assists from Fistric and Begin.

Positive #5: That was Morrison’s 500th NHL point, against his old team.  Good job Sonny.

Positive #6: Swede-tastic line of Lundy, Brunnstrom and Wandell.

Positive #7: Fishsticks pushes and holds Burrows on the boards(10:33).  I still hate Burrows from the 07 Playoffs.

Positive #8: Otter is getting Burrows, which pleases me greatly.  (8:02)

Positive #9: Otter half stripping in the penalty box.

Positive #10: Begin returns to the game.  Woo.

Positive #11: Somehow, the Stars managed to outshoot the Canucks 14-7

2nd period
Positive #12:
Wild lose to the Rangers 2-1.  Still some hope.

Positive #13: Stars kill the 2nd half of Fistric’s double minor.  Baby steps.

Positive #14: We have robot ref.  His voice makes me giggle.

Positive #15: Stars get another power play thanks to Pyatt hooking. (15:37)

Positive #16: Mo draws a penalty for holding on Ohlund. (13:14)

Positive #17: Another penalty killed.  Thank God.

Positive #18: Yet another killed.

Positive #19: Otter uses his exit to knock the shit out of Pyatt.

Positive #20: Otter has spent 18 more seconds on the ice than in the box.

Positive #21: Daley being an awesome teammate and going after Mr. Canuck after he laid a hit on Turco.

Positive #22: Modano is playing like a youngen again.  Looks fantastic.

Positive #23-25: Stars lead in shots (23-15), hits (27-13) and face-off wins (20-19)

3rd period
Positive #26:
Penalty boxes are empty, for once.

Positive #27: Turco makes a fantabulous save to keep the Stars in the game.

Positive #28: Neal cuts the lead in half, only trailing 4-2.  Assists from Niskanen and Grossman. (11:00)

Positive #29: Ex-Star Willie Mitchell goes after Neal and takes a penalty! (10:23)

Positive #30: The Stars beat the crap out of the Canucks, getting 41 hits.

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2 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Canucks 03/24/09, Happy edition”

  1. Lacy Says:

    Damnit I missed otter pulling clothes off! FAIL

  2. Myra Says:

    Positive #9: Otter half stripping in the penalty box.

    **races to DVR**

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