Should Tippett be fired?

With the ups and downs that has been the Stars 08-09 season, many fans are starting to call for Tippett’s head on a platter.  My reply to them: Are you insane?  Might want to put the platter back in the cupboard. 

I’m not so sure you can blame the Stars shortcomings this season on the coach.  He can only do so much.  Between the Avery experiment in the early months and all the injuries, Tippett seems to have done everything possible other than lacing up himself. 

“Every day is a new challenge. And as a coach, you embrace that challenge and try to get the most out of your team. Some days are a little more challenging than others. Injuries are never an excuse for not trying to be successful.” – Dave Tippett

He’s right.  Injuries are not an excuse for not trying to be successful, so why does it seem everytime a guy goes down the Stars play great one game, then totally fall apart?  I feel he has done everything possible to give the Stars every possible chance to make it to the playoffs again. 

The problem hasn’t been the coaches, it has been stupid mistakes and inability to score when it counts.  It has seemed lately, some (not all) of the players have shown up simply to be there.  What happened to the heart?  What happened to the passion?  It seems the injury bug has deflated most of this team.  They constantly are quoted in saying they are working hard, trying to make the playoffs.  But saying and doing are two different things.  Now is the time they need to believe the words they have been preaching the last few months, the time to show up and get the job done.  For themselves, the coach and the fans.



One Response to “Should Tippett be fired?”

  1. jenn Says:

    i agree – no firing. he CAN only do so much. tipp can’t get out there and play the game FOR them. i think he has done well considering the circumstances he’s had to work with.

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