Liveblog: Stars vs. Kings 03/26/09 Happy Edition

You can pretty much count on these for every game remaining this season (unless a personal obligation gets in the way).  Prepare for another interesting/close game between these 2 teams.

1st period

Positive #1: Daley was at least able to leave the ice upright.

Positive #2: Kings take a penalty.  WOO!! (bout 15:00)

Positive #3: Stars managed to kill the Kings power play.  Phew

Positive #4: Fishsticks out with Robi!!!!

Positive #5: Wandell smiling at the camera.  <3

Positive #6: Kings take another penalty! (7:05)

Positive #7: Barchie finally fighting with Ivanans after he knocked Daley out of the game.

2nd period

Positive #8: Kings captain takes a penalty.  (16:45)


Positive #10: Stars kill the penalty off.

Positive #11: Another penalty killed

Positive #12: And the Kings take a penalty of thier own.

Positive #13: Fishsticks interview in the 2nd intermission.

3rd period

Positive #14: Kings take a penalty for hitting poor little Nealsie

Positive #15: Nice short-handed rush by Eriksson and Lundqvist.

Positive #16: Stars kill another penalty.

Positive #17: Marty is looking much more like his usual self.

Positive #18: Stars will get at least 1 point out of this game.


Positive #19: Good lord, sprawling Turco keeps it at nil.

Positive #20: Marty shaking his head after making a stop as another Kings comes toward him, as if saying “sorry buddy, no rebound tonight.”

Positive #21: Sydor with a great defensive play to keep the Kings at the blue line.

Positive #22: Turco gets a shutout


Positive #23: Goalie hop.

Positive #24: Turco gets the stop to keep the Stars in it.

Positive #25: Lehtinen gets it past Quick.

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