So it’s been a while

Summer is here, and I have become extremely lazy when it comes to keeping up with things other than work or World of Warcraft.

As much as I love hockey, I sadly am not that excited for this upcoming season.  This last season really hurt my hockey loving heart.  And with the losses of Tippett, Midget, Russian, etc… I am less than ready for this next season to start. 

Let’s add to this the fact that Heika is now reporting that there will be no icebreaker this season.

Um wut?  Let’s just add this to list of ‘reasons the 09-10 hockey season won’t exist’.

One Response to “So it’s been a while”

  1. Dannie Harrington Says:

    The team was led by future NHL star Paul Kariya, who scored 100 points during the season, and by Maine’s all-time leading scorer Jim Montgomery. The team also featured one of the best goalie tandems college hockey has seen, in Garth Snow and Mike Dunham.

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