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Well long time no see.

June 30, 2010

So it’s been a while, a long long while at that.  But such debauchery has occurred that I can not keep quiet.

First, I stopped updating cause I got a new schedule at work that was pretty much made to prevent me from ever seeing hockey again unless it’s on the weekends.  Though, I guess with the way the last season (especially) went, I shouldn’t be all that upset.  (PS I still love you Brenden.)

So. Here’s how this works Joe.  If Mike Modano loses a leg in an awful accident and asks to play, you give him a contract.  The end.

So here’s where the team stands: No Russians, One goalie with a history of injures, and no Mo.

Welcome to the Stars team that lives off of Ramen ladies and gentlemen.  They are grasping for straws.