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Liveblog: NHL All-Star Game

January 25, 2009

So, the game will begin in 30 minutes, and here is where you can find The Shootout’s liveblog.  I had precious obligations, so I was unable to blog about the events yesterday, which was fantastic.  Mostly thanks in part to Ovechkin and his hat and sunglasses during the breakaway competition.

Check back after the first period!  But while you’re waiting, feel free to listen to Marc Savard’s interview with Versus.  Savard was awesome miced up during the Super Skills competition.

Here it is, the 2009 NHL All-Star Game.  I’m oddly excited for it this year, I’m not quite sure why though.  Bring on the game! (Let’s go West!)

Playing a violin upside down and doing flips?  Now that’s impressive!  Good job Montreal!  Best intro to the All-Star I’ve seen.  Was that man in the hoop supposed to be a puck?  Wrong color guys.

1st period

20:00: And at 5:35, the game is finally underway!

19:15: The East got a nice shot in on Giggy.  And they inform us that Marc Savard is miced up again.  Yay!  That makes me excited.  He was good last night being miced up.

18:44: Tkachuck gets the first goal of the game! 1-0 West! (WOO!)

17:29: Learn West, pass it to Mike Modano!

17:15: They mention Robi being drafted with Montreal, and that he used to be paired with Souray, who is he with tonight, when he played with the Canadiens.

16:57: Speak of the Devil, Robi just got a shot on Price!

13:34: And everyone’s favorite Russian makes it 1-1.  Poor Goalies.

12:53: Versus mentions Modano thinking of his first All-Star game, which was the last time it was held in Montreal in 1993.  He came in 2nd in hardest shot that year and said no one ever remembers the second place.  THAT’A BOY MO!  I’ll remember now

11:00: Just a quick mention, though this won’t be posted until after the first period is over; if you don’t have VS from your local cable company (call and ask for it if you don’t!), you can catch the game on 1310 The Ticket.

10:30: Staal makes it 2-1 East.  Someone do something funny.

10:00: I’m out of Bagel Crisps, if someone could bring me some between periods, I’d appreciate it.  I would like the garlic kind please.


Robidas an All-Star?

January 19, 2009

Hearing mumblings that today Robidas was told by Stars co-GM Les Jackson that the NHL has invited him to play in the All-Star game next weekend.

Not sure who he is replacing and why, but I am extremely excited.  After his play last season and in the playoffs and his play this season, he deserves it.  Makes me that much more excited for this game!!

Stars go 1-1 on the weekend, Mo and All-Star

January 7, 2009

First off, the Stars came home from their very cold weekend trip in Canada with 2 points out of 4.  Not too shabby.

The first game against the Oilers was a tad sad on our end.  The Oilers took control of the game and made sure they kept it.  The final ended up being 4-1, with James Neal getting the lone Stars goal.  Barchie got into 2 fights and got a 10 minute misconduct.  Landon Wilson got into a fight of his own and ended up hitting the ice pretty hard and got a rib injury.  Thank goodness the Stars had already called up Chris Conner.

Sunday went much better for the Stars against the Canucks.  It was an evenly matched game, I thought.  Both teams played well, and both had a fair amount of chances.  It ended up going to a shootout, and the Stars pulled the 2 points thanks to Marty and rookie James Neal, who got the winning shoot out goal.

Onto the best news of all, the Stars will in fact have a player in the All-Star game this year.  That player is the wonderful Mike Modano!  He is making his 7th All-Star appearance in his career.  I couldn’t think of a better person on our team to get it.  He is having a great season for being so “old”, having 13 goals and assists for 26 points, best for 4th on the team!  You can see the rest of the roster here.

The YoungStars will be announced Friday, and they’d be crazy not to take Neal.

What exactly is going on with the NHL All-Star voting?

November 19, 2008

If the trend continues, it looks like the starting line up is just going to be the Red Wings vs. the Canadiens, with a Flame and Canuck thrown in for good measure.  Is something wrong with this picture?  It sure seems so.

It was highly publicized that the NHL was looking into Canadiens fans using an auto-voting program to vote for their team to be in the All-Star game.  I get that, it’s the 100 year anniversary and is being held in Montreal.  The NHL vowed to go through and delete any votes that did not appear to have been cast by an actual person.  But why does it seem the Stars took most of the hurt from this happening.

James Mirtle at From The Rink posted the tallies after the first day of voting, and here were the Stars numbers:

Brenden Morrow: 24,455
Mike Ribeiro: 24,074
Marty Turco: 19,296
Stephane Robidas: 18,855
Mike Modano: 14,543
Sergei Zubov: 9,061

Here are the tallies as of 7:30 this evening:

November 19, 2008

November 19, 2008

Anything wrong with this picture?

5 Stars on XM/NHL All-Star Ballot

November 4, 2008

The NHL announced the players that will be included on the ballot for the 2009 NHL All-Star game starting lineups.  Voting will begin November 12th and run until January 2nd.

Stars players included on the ballot are Marty Turco, Mike Modano, Brenden Morrow, Mike Ribeiro and Brad Richards.

Ex-Stars included on the ballot are Buffalo’s Teppo Numminen and Nashville’s Jason Arnott.

You can view everyone nominated here.

2008 All-Star Game on Versus

January 27, 2008

So I will be attempting to do a liveblog of this event, we’ll see how it goes.

Game starts with an overview of some of the players taking part in this years All-Star game. They inform us 2 goalies will be wearing microphones and it really excites me, considering how awesome Manny Legace was last night.

From the commercial break, they inform us the Hives are playing on what looks like the same type stage they used last year in the All-Star game held in Dallas. I might be lame, but I never saw what was so great about The Hives. I promptly mute my TV because The Hives are making my ears hurt.

I see the players come out so I unmute my TV to hear if anything is being said, but sadly all I hear is the mess of the band playing. The mess is still playing during the coach and player introductions, but I guess I can deal. AWW I love Ribs little smile after they introduce him, he looks so happy to be there, which is more than I can say for the rest of the players in the Western Conference.

I also must say, I am definitely a fan of this years All-Star jersey, much better than last year. I might even be convinced to buy one if I have the money.

Kathleen Edwards is singing O Canada……and doing a HORRIBLE job of it. I don’t know who you are, but please stop butchering their poor anthem. The Atlanta Boy choir is doing the US National Anthem. I don’t know why but seeing them sing makes me laugh really hard.

1st period
20:00: So excited that DiPietro is miced, we’ll see if you can live up to the awesomeness that was Marty Turco last year.

19:48: While talking to DiPietro about his hip that is sore, Rick Nash breaks the defense to make it 1-0 West.

land-before-time.jpg19:35: West gets another attack on the net, but Pietro stopped it. Everytime I hear his name I think of a terradactyl, mostly because of Petrie from the Land before Time.


2008 All-Star SuperSkills/Youngstars Game

January 26, 2008

So here we go, the All-Star player events have officially started in Atlanta, GA. I don’t know if you could consider this a liveblog of the events, I’ll just be posting as it goes on and updating when I get the chance, but I’ll put it in the liveblog category anyway.

They start with a rundown of some of the players that will be taking part tonight, and I can’t help but be real excited because of the fact that they were showing video of last years All-Star events in good ole Dallas Texas, which was obviously the best All-Star celebration ever. Not that I’m biased or anything.

First up is the obstacle course they inform us. But much to my dismay, cut to an interview with Nick Lidstrom, quite possibly the most unamusing interview ever. Then come crazy Russian, Ovie! I do wish he would actually act crazy though, he seems so subdued. Come on Ovie, give me something.

They are showing the players arriving on the red carpet, which interests me not, as I see no Star. Player announcements are up, I’m not even going to bother listing them all unless I see something that makes me laugh, seeing as I’ve posted the rosters more than once lol

While waiting for Ribbons introduction, I am hoping for some sort of pimp skate as awesome as his pimp walk. Don’t let me down Ribs, don’t let me down. Okay, Ribs not out yet, but Damn Arnott looks good with short hair. Sometimes I really miss you Jason, like a lot. Of course, they save the best for last, as Ribbons is last to hit the ice AND THERE IS HIS PIMP SKATING! I HEART YOU RIBBONS. THANK YOU!!!! Then Ovie and a bunch of Eastern Conference people come out. Blahblahblah.

Up now is the obstacle course! They explain what all it includes, which I’m not going to type out because you find the details here.


2008 All-Star Game starting line-up

January 26, 2008

The NHL has announced the final line-up for the ASG starters and they are as follows:

Rick Nash (Columbus Blue Jackets – replacing Henrik Zetterberg)
Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings)
Jarome Iginla (Calgary Flames)
Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit Red Wings)
Dion Phaneuf (Calgary Flames)
Chris Osgood (Detroit Red Wings – replacing Roberto Luongo)

Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers – replacing Sidney Crosby)
Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa Bay Lightning)
Daniel Alfredsson (Ottawa Senators)
Andrei Markov (Montreal Canadiens)
Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins)
Rick DiPietro (New York Islanders – replacing Martin Brodeur)

It’s here, the 2008 All-Star Events

January 26, 2008

ribsnisky.pngPlayers arrived yesterday and events begin today! Sadly, I slept through all the stuff this morning, not that my computer would let me watch it on or anything. However, I was lucky enough to sleep through the Jonas Brothers mess. Eek.

I will be posting through the events with my own thoughts and all that jazz.

The Superskills competition will begin at 7pm ET tonight and the actual All-Star game will begin at 6pm ET tomorrow, both on Versus.

I’m really excited to see both Matt Niskanen and Mike Ribeiro in the skills competition!!

Alyssa Milano is also debuting some of her NHL line….I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. I’m a girly girl, but that hoodie? WAYY to girly for me. It makes me uncomfortable. I do think it should be renamed the Alyssa Milano PuckBunny line.

I think the Stars started their vacation early…

January 25, 2008

Stars lost 2-1 to the Buffalo Sabres. THE BUFFALO. SABRES.

I attended the game with Cat, one of my fellow Untypical Girls. The arena? FULL OF SABRES FANS. I swear to Baby Hockey Jesus there were more Sabres fans there than Red Wings fans when we play them, and that’s saying something.

The Stars (with a few players being an exception) looked like they didn’t even bother showing up, and it pains me to say that. Like, really pains me. Near the end of the game, people started getting into yelling arguments with each other, it was insane.

I don’t even want to comment on anything else. And I don’t really need to because Marty summed it up pretty good.

“We could have played a lot better tonight,’’ goalie Marty Turco said. “There was lack of desperation on our part, which is both confusing and a little embarrassing. We’re at our best when our leaders are on top of our game, and it’s most evident when we’re playing desperate hockey.’’

Hopefully they can start anew after the All-Star break (to be aired on Versus *playoffmagnetboardplz*) Please do it for me Stars.

PS. I think we have all sold our souls to Versus. 4Realz. I don’t mind Versus though, really. *hockeypuckicetrayplz*