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Support Local Hockey

September 3, 2009

For those who have been living under a rock, there is currently a campaign to help save the Duncanville Stars Center.  You can visit the site at . 

There are a lot of kids who use this rink and that means a lot of kids will be without this fantastic sport.

Please show your support, visit the website and see what you can do to help.

Youth hockey and a house tour

February 22, 2009

So today I had the pleasure of taking in some youth hockey at the American Airlines Center this afternoon, the Duncanville Black Bears vs. Grapevine Blackhawks.  It was a really special afternoon for many youth hockey players in the metroplex.   Not only did they get the opportunity to play on the same ice the Stars do, but to also get to sit on their benches, sit in their penalty boxes and skate onto through the very awesome Dallas Stars star complete with smoke.  It’s a really special thing for these kids, and shows a lot about the Dallas Stars ogranization. I really recommend checking out one of the many youth games at various Dr Pepper StarCenter locations.

And, to end this; here is a lovely video of a mini-tour of Casa de Turco care of his father Gino where we learn about Turco’s Trust Circle and Gino’s Oprah watching.

Too many days between games sucks

November 6, 2008

Seriously.  At least we play tomorrow (pre-game post will be made later tonight).

The Stars are returning home in what will be their first home game in just over 2 weeks to play the Los Angeles Kings (the 2nd of their home-and-home series) and you can get terrace seats for $9.33 thanks to 93.3 The Bone.  Just enter the code bonezone.

Purchase Tickets Here

Avery vs. Brodeur tomorrow night.

October 21, 2008

I don’t think anyone will forget this from the last playoff series:

As Ludy put it “this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”  Let us hope that tomorrow night when the Stars visit the Devils we don’t see this agian.  The Devils are off to a great start this season going 4-1 in their first 5 games.  Brodeur has some extra motivation this year, since this is the year he will probably become the winningest goaltender in NHL history.  Good job Brodeur!!!  Game starts at 6!

A few other notes…

For those who haven’t seen yet, the Stars will be holding only one Dr. Pepper Luncheon this year.  It will take place November 18th at the American Airlines Center.  You can even sit at the table with a player!  The new 3rd jersey’s will be unveiled that night, as well, so you’ll get to be the first people to see it in person.  You can purchase your tickets here.

Also, Ralphie was on NHL Live today and was asked when Lehtinen and Zubov are returning.  His answer:

Zubov probably November 1st-ish, Lehtinen probably next week.


Quick Addition: Just checked some of the scores from tonight and Smitty FINALLY got his first win of the season in net with Tampa Bay!  3-2 in overtime against the Thrashers!

Some quick updates

September 23, 2008

Luckily, I will only be without a computer 2 more days.  Woohoo.  So here is a bit of what is going on.

Each day, a different Star will be blogging about training camp, you can view them all here.

On Thursday, the Stars will be holding a food drive for the Colorado Avalanche preseason game.  All fans that bring canned food items will recieve free pre-season tickets for ANY pre-season home game.  The food is for victims of Hurricane Ike.

The Stars will also be having an open house Saturday, between 10am and 2pm.  The Stars will be practicing from 10 til noon, then until 2 there will be an open skate on the AAC ice!  And again, free pre-season tickets to all who attend.

Stars take on the St. Louis Blues tonight in St Louis, first pre-season game!

The Reebok Celebrity Baseball Game

June 29, 2008

So yesterday was the Heroes Baseball game. Mike Modano was on the Red Socks and Brenden Morrow was on the Black Socks. They announced that Mike Ribeiro was playing, but sadly he wasn’t there. Oh how I would’ve loved to see him pimp-walking between bases. Anyway, the Red Socks blew the Black Socks away 21-9 or something. Like…crazy! But Brenden did get a hit and a run, so there ya go. Here are some pictures, and 2 videos…


2008 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game

June 18, 2008

The Heroes site hasn’t really updated with a list of who will be playing in this extremely fun to attend game.  103.3 ESPN’s website has, though. 

There are some celebs playing, no one that really pops out though.  At least not to me.  You can go to the ESPN site linked above for the full list.  Local sports people playing however are:

  • Mike Modano (obvs)
  • Brenden Morrow (YAY MORE AWFUL THROWS!!)
  • Mark Cuban (heh)
  • Jason Terry
  • DeMarcus Ware
  • Michael Irvin

It really is a fun fun event to attend, I had a lot of fun at it last year.

Want the Nisky-mobile?

April 28, 2008

Yes, that’s right.  That lovely car that Marty Turco and the Stars team ‘stole’ and pimped is officially up for auction.


You can bid on the vehicle here.

All the proceeds from this auction go to the Matt McKee family trust.

Some other things included in the auction include

  • Matt Niskanen will present the car to the winner.
  • The winner will also recieve an autographed Niskanen jersey.
  • The winner will also attend an 08-09 Stars game; including platinum parking, dinner at the Platinum Club and recognition for being the winning bidder.

All I ask, dear people, is that if a reader wins.  I get a ride in the vehicle ;)

Friday: The day full of hockey

March 22, 2008

Which obviously means it was a fantastic day. Friday morning I attended hockey practice in attempt to get Caitlin’s birthday present signed. Sadly, Mr Mittens did nothing but anger me and was included in the 6 players who snuck out. Therefore Caitlin’s present will have to go unsigned for now. Brad Richards was also one to sneak out, and he remains the one player I have yet had the pleasure to meet. The good news? I did manage to scare the living hell out of Mark Fistric, so my morning/early afternoon was complete.

We also attended the Pros vs. Prospects game Friday night. Caitlin managed to get us some amazing tickets, right behind the Prospects bench by the tunnel. The game was a ton of fun. Lots of laughing, which is what is most important about hockey. At least in my opinion. Some great moments included Modano hi-fiving the Easter Bunny. It was also extremely amusing to see everyone start surrounding Vinnie Paul (from Pantera) when he showed up after the first period.

As far as Saturday goes; Stars lost to the Los Angeles kings 4-2. That’s all I’m saying about that.

And with that, I will leave you on a high note, with fun pictures from Friday of both Stars practice and the Pros vs. Prospects game.


Hockey players playing baseball and new prospects

March 20, 2008

Tickets are now on sale for the Reebok 2008 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. I attended last year and it is seriously a ton of fun. Not many players announced yet, but you can bet Mike Modano will be a part of it, Brenden Morrow took part last year so I’m crossing my fingers for a repeat performance of his awful throwing.

Dallas Stars have signed 2 new prospects and have assigned them to Iowa. The first being Tyler Shelast from Michigan Tech University. (The same college my little midget, Chris Conner attended) The other is Matt Climie from Bemidji State University.